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Fun Book Club!


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Hi Guys..

Just had a fab idea.. thought we could try a book club! :) (with relevant books!)

What do folks think?? We could either go down the self help lit route.. eg 'Lighten Up' by Pete Cohen, or 'The Beck Diet Solution' by Judith Beck (daughter of Aaron Beck, founding father of CBT)..

Or we could go for something more subtley related.. a novel or poetry (Ha! First thing that came to mind was Charlie and the Chocolate factory - Sorry ! Hahahahaha!! :D )

So.. what do you think??

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Hi there, I'd love to do that. I read all the time. Broxi xxx
Well we've got 3 so far, any more?


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im in toooo


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Me too, I'm a bookworm! I'll have a think.


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Excellent! :)

well, one comment on what sort of book, and that was self help.. How about a list of four classics, and we can see which people most like:

'Feel the fear and do it anyway' by Susan Jeffers
I'm OK - You're OK' by Thomas Harris
'A woman in your own right' by Anne Dickson
'The Beck Diet Solution' by Judith Beck
'Lighten Up' by Pete Cohen

All of the above have been around for a while, and have been best selling for a long time. We don't need to agree with what they say.. I guess the fun bit is seeing what we like and don't like about any of them..

So.. shall we go with one of these to start with? .. and if so, which one?



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I'm in too!!


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My vote goes to:
'Feel the fear and do it anyway' by Susan Jeffers

It sounded great and what I need. I would just love to be able to get some of this:

"This inspiring modern classic has helped thousands turn their anger into love - and their indecision into action"
Feel the Fear and do it' sounds good to me. Can I recommend an amazing book too. It's 'Happier' by tal ben shahar, a Harvard professor whose class on this is their busiest. I've read a few chapters and it's brill - very easy to read but very profound.


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Feel the fear :)

Right! We have a plan..

Feel the Fear for our first book, and 'Happier' by tal ben shahar for our second... we can take it in turns to suggest the next..

So, shall we make it our June book?? (I need to get a copy, but I know it's in the library, and I've seen it in charity shop book shelves before now)

I'll also see if this can become a sticky so it'll be easier to get back to for folks...

What else do we need to think of?

Guess we could all start sharing our thoughts on it around...? 20th June? Gives us ten days of chatting about it before starting the July book...? Yes?



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Yes, great. I'm in.


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Oh, I forgot to say, there is a 'Book Club' forum in the Entertainment section, and there is a great book club on there, more a standard book club rather than an 'Inspirational Book Club' if you know what I mean :). You may get more takers if this thread is put on there?
Sounds an amazing idea Enough. I'll buy 'Feel the Fear' as well. xxx

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