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Funny turn!!


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I'm almost into my ninth week on LT and last night just sat watching the tv had a really horrible weird turn. I suddenly felt very light-headed and dizzy. I've had no side effects up to now and find it quite strange for one to hit me now.I had to helped up the stairs cos I felt quite disorientated and was a bit scared of falling. Has anyone else had an episode like this on LT or is it just me feeling a bit off??
P.S I'm having all my shakes and drinking loads and loads of water.
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That was me today going around tescos! Just popped in to get some cereals and I felt myself come over all unnecessary! Came home and ahd a bar and some more fluids. Its happened before, and I have had to have an extra shake, although on LT theye are counted out exactly aren't they? Say you spilt one or something? I would try an extra shake just incase you were doing something extra during the day that you didn't account for. Don't do it all the time though!
Hi fifi, this happened to me a few time last year and been a bloke just ignored it and put it down to been fat or the beer the night before:eek:. Until one day it happened again, it wasn't a nice feeling on my own at home worried I was going to keel over, so went to the docs and then the hospital for a scan, then within 3 months had a operation on my inner ear to remove a cholosteatoma and now im fine, although others would tell you different:rolleyes:.
All im saying is keep an eye on yourself and don't just assume its the diet, it could well be, but also may not. So go to the docs if it the symptoms persist.
Hope it doesn't happen again, well at least until you have finished the diet, then gone out and got drunk!:D x


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Thanks gary, I was wondering whether it was somat to do with my ears. My right ear has been sore and is tender to touch. I'm a student nurse and have turned into a bit of a hypochondriac with medical conditions etc, but will try and see my GP and see what he comes up with. You never know if he looks in my ear he might find a brain lol well he might!!!


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Hi hun i have regular dizzy spells now on LT, they dont really last but have had to sit or lie down occasionaly xx


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Hiya. Congrats on the weight shed so far.:) I usually start feeling dizzy when I am getting an ear infection. If it's that you will want anti-biotics before the pain starts.:eek:

Good luck for the rest of your journey!


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I found when I was really burning the candle at both ends....work home gyms.....I came over all "grey".....I would mention it to the chemist on your next visit......

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