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Hello all, i bought an ali pack yesterday and had fully intended to start today with taking it(i'm also following a sw approach as well) and i dont know why but i didnt want to take it. I'm not sure if it was the risk of horrible side effects which put me off, especially if my will power broke.

I know it could help and i suppose its a kinda of aversion therapy. All i;ve ever taken before is fucus(as i get water retention real bad) and and hoodia to help stave off the appetite(which also works lol) but this is a big step.

Probably being silly and i think people are filling ,my head with these horrible stories about it.

Love and light Purple :D
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Trust me..the side effects are not that bad...I only got it once and it wasn't even full on side effects it was just a bit and it was because I ate some cheese cake and chocolate!! :p The results will be tons better. I'm not on alli..I'm taking xenical, which I think is double the strength...but yeah..Good luck hun!
Ahh thank you for putting my mind at ease. Well going to start them today and see what happens. If i get one with them i might see if me doctor could prescribe them next month if they work this mont. Felt a bit cheeky last time i spoke to him(as we talked about my weight lol)
Lol. I know the feeling..made hubby lunch today and grated his cheese onto the meal...usually I would have pinched a bit or cut a bit of cheese off while I was preparing it..but I didn't.. :D
Lol. I doubt a little bit would do much damage but I know if I did I wouldn't stop. I even cut a bit off for the doggy..Lol.