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gall stones-any advice?


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i was rushed (again!) to a and e last night given injectable tramadol, and loads of other bits and pieces....
does anyone have/had gallstones, and can you send me somehugs and advice? my diet is low fat most of the time :rolleyes: i ate a chocolate foxs bar (6syns) before bed last night, and the dr reckons that is what has caused such a major reaction:eek:
should be avoiding dairy too then?
im just so low, the pain is killing me and i still havent seen my gp (seeing her tonight). i just want to die, im tired, miserable sleep deprived and generally hacked off (oh and put on 4lb yesterday - that really was the icing on the fat free fairy cake!!!)
thanks for the hugs and support
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when i had gall stones many years ago my trigger foods were roast pork of any discription, prawns and fizzy diet drinks.
i know what you are going thro and feel bad for you as that is a pain i would not wish on anybody.
dairy would effect you as it is still fat at the end of the day especially chocolate


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I have taken my dad in for this many times, poor you, you sound really low at the moment and there is nothing worse than lack of sleep. Let us know please what the doctor plans to do about this after you see him tonight. xx:gen126::flowers:


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When I had my gallstones years ago, my trigger was EVERYTHING that had fat in it, and Im being serious. It was the worst time of my life. I was quite literally living on dry toast and tomatoes for months. I was just too afraid to eat anything else, because the pain is just indescribable.
I have given birth and Im telling you gall stone pain is a very VERY close second.
I asked the surgeon would he keep the gall stones for me, thinking there would be lots of little stones, and when I saw it I nearly died. It was bigger than a golf ball. No wonder I was in so much pain when it started moving about.
The only thing I can say to you is cut the fat out completely.... I know its a pain in the bum but it really helps..
I really feel for you honey, I was rushed to the A+E in an ambulance 3 times and given morphine and yet they still kept sending me home....
it was such a relief to get my gall bladder out, honestly... I know you feel really bad but it WILL be ok.... just make sure your GP takes you seriously tonight, dont let them fob you off.....
let us all know how you get on....


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thanks for the comments guys, my gp is fab, and has said i need surgery (which is not so fab)
booked in for 24th to see surgeon, she has also given me some super strength drugs so i hope it ll help.
and no chocolate:eek:
im going to struggle with that one ;)


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Poor you, i know exactely what the pains like, i suffered with gall stones years ago, one time i has one piece of boiled ham and that set me off, once a boiled egg did it too i couldn't beleive it. When it was really bad one xmas i had to eat cornflakes for my xmas dinner as i was too scared to eat anything else, my pain used to start in the middle of my back and i knew what the next 3 hours or so was going to bring. I had the op (keyhole) for it and never looked back. Hugs for you hun. xxx


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Awwww hunni im sending you loads of hugs.xxx

I had my gall bladder removed (keyhole) about 8weeks ago and feel great now, my trigger food was custard creams but could be anything and everything at times.

good luck hunni for the 24th.xxx


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Think i may have posted for you on another thread anyhow... I totally agree i have had 3 kids and gall bladder pain is a close second. Tramadol never really helped me. I finally suffered jaundice and was hospitalised and had various scans and tests, including MRI and ultrasound, Hepatitis A and B and AIDS tests as well and they couldn't find anything. They did a laparoscopy (i think it's called) and still couldn't see anything. When they finally decided to take my gallbladder out they found 30ish small stones, and serious scar tissue that had totally blocked my bile duct, causing the jaundice. Take the opportunity for the keyhole surgery and start to relax again.


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Poor you! Hope it goes ok with the GP. Sending you a hug x


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hi ive had gallstones sufferd for years giving me indigestion tabs ect till they eventually found out what it was and took them out everything seemed to set it off they removed my gall bladder as well by keyhole i was quiet bad for about 4 days after as i always react badly to anesthetic it makes me relly sick but after that it was great the opp itself was not too bad and i was back to normal in about 2 weeks x hope you get it sorted soon


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I had my gall bladder removed nearly 30 yrs ago I used to be up every night pacing up and down the floor and because it started when I was pregnant with my first the doc thought it was brans/hickes contractions, so I used to lie in a warm bath for hours splashing warm water over my bump
I eventually had the op 18months later and the pain I suffered throughout was awful, and couldnt eat anything with fats in including dairy.
Nowadays they are much better about pain relief etc then it was dreadful.
I hope they get you sorted out soon. Lot and lots of hugs

Jay xx
I have gallstones (on list for an op) and last week ended up in A & E with pancretatitis due to a stone that had moved and got stuck in the common bile duct. I ended up having surgery to remove it and feel much better now.

Sorry, not trying to scare you, but please don't suffer in silence. Tramadol didn't work for me, nor did the standard dose of morhpine the pain was so bad ((hugs))


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I second everything thats been said so sending you:grouphugg:
I too had a scan a few weeks ago and the lady said I had quite a few... too many to count.
I can feel the pain starting every now and again so tend to be very careful ,but it does catch you out when you cant understand why.
I did read somwhere that some people get gallstones if they have been overweight and then lost weight.... so I reckon thats how I got them (never had them before)
But I go to docs next week to see what he says ...it will probably go something along the lines of ....
'' if they cause you pain take some neurofen'' our docs are not the most sympathetic
And I agree the pain is like WOW! OMG !its a killer !!!


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S: 15st0lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 0st5lb(2.38%)
thanks for the kind thoughts and hugs.
i agree about the pain, i ve had 3 kids and the pain is worse than labour!!
slack alice, i hope you too get it sorted.


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I am sending you the most HUGEST hugs. I would have to disagree with gallstone pain being second to labour pains - I found it ten times worse!!!!

First time I had it I made my husband stop between the off and on slip roads of the M11 & M25 in a clockwise direction - much to the horror of a motorway policeman that shouted at us.

The best thing that ever happened to me was having my gall bladder removed. It was pre-keyhole and I have an enormous scar but it was worth it!!!


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My mother in law had gallstones and before the op she had to go on a low fat diet - nothing more than 1% fat, so check the labels of everything. They tried blasting hers with ultrasound but that didn't work and she had to have the gallbladder removed and is fine now. Good luck x


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Lots of hugs

Poor you!!

I had my gallbladder out by keyhole surgery about 8 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.

I've never known pain like it I've had a baby since and I would rather go through a drug free labour than have gallstones again!!

I found spicy foods really set me off and eating late in the evening ( I tended to get the pain most in the middle of the night) so they may be something to try and avoid.

Good Luck!


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Sends hugs. Hope that you will be operated on soonand feeling much better.


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S: 15st0lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 0st5lb(2.38%)
thank you all for your kind words, isnt it amazing how many people have this problem? until BF has them i never even heard of the issue - she is now still suffering as they left some inside her.
for scan it looks like i only have 1 - golf ball size, which means i wont have any of the issues she is now having.
i just want to sleep all the time!!

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