General WeMitt thread. week commecning 29th January 2007


I STILL mean it!
Hello everyone,
Well, here we are, in the last week of January already. It's my birthday next month - I'm going to be 60!!! I've filled the forms in for the pension and everything, and I really feel quite relaxed about it all. I feel healthier, and fitter than I have for years. At 40 I may have been fat and frumpy, but at 60 I will be slim and stylish (I hope!)
Christmas weight gain seems to be on it's way out. I haven't weighed myself, but my clothes are fitting me better- and they had become VERY tight!
DH joined the gym yesterday, so hopefully we shall be going together sometimes now. (Even my gym membership goes down by £7 a month when I am 60! )
I'd like to go somewhere for a few days to celebrate - any ideas?
Keep warm and stay focussed.
Ann xxx
Hi congratulations for looking and feeling so good for nearly 60. So will you be having a party next month ?
I cant believe its nearly the end of January already, time goes so quick.
I am feeling really good at the minute I lost 5lbs yesterday so now at 4 stone down, and it feels fantastic.
Hi WeMitts and I hope the week goes well for us all. I have checked my weight and am up 26 lb from my lowest weight so i am going to do something about it from today. And i mean it this time. Today i am 17 st 1.5 lb so aiming to get back into the 16 st range.

Irene xx
Hi everyone
Well, after a great weekend where I had the chance to meet some WONDERFUL people, I'm back to the grind of daily life <sigh!>

Ann - The fact you're feeling so healthy and more positive coming up to your 60th just shows that age is nothing more than numbers ... being very overweight is carrying round a burden which is both physical and mental. I definitely feel younger than I have for decades.

Sonkie - Congratulations on the 4st weight loss!! Good grief you're really in the fast lane now and there's no stopping you!!

Irene - The worst of the dreary winter is behind us and spring is on the way. What better time to start afresh and take the chance to greet those daffodils a stone lighter? You're so close to the 16s and will be there in the blink of an eye ... and that's always a psychological boost to drop down a bracket isn't it.

Hi to all my other wemitt buddies xx
hello fellow wemitts.

i have to say ann, u look wonderful. i dont look half as good as u at 30! :sigh:

well i am looking forward to this week. am really in the zone now. putting xmas break and birthday break from CD behind me. the fact is, both breaks resulted in massive gains even though i didnt go that mad so i am resigned to the fact that i cannot get away with very much at all. it takes very little to knock me out of ketosis too. a few sips of diet cherry cola did it to me a few weeks ago :cry:

so! i know my limits and what i can get away with (which is sod all!) and thats fine cos i dont have to have milk in coffee or pick at stuff. no matter how hard it gets, i can stick to the diet. i dont feel bad for having 2 scheduled breaks for xmas and 30th bday but thats only cos they were planned. line drawn under all that. no more breaks for me, no matter whats happening! i dont care if the queen turns up with a chow mein (she sometimes does that, ya know?) i am sticking to it.

after restarting today is the first day i feel good and energised. not giving this feeling back for all the chow mein in china :D

have a wonderful week wemitts! we r a fab bunch who deserve a good 7 days every week


We're all upbeat this week! Sonya 5lbs & 4 stone! That's excellent!

Irene - I know what you mean! I'm 18lbs up on my lowest from the summer but I have my nose to the grindstone and this will be our year to finally get to target!

Karen - I know what you mean, Chinese cravings really get me. It will still be there when we're slim & stunning, (for a very occasional nibble only!)

Ann- You're only as old as you feel & you look wonderful. It must be the year for big birthdays! My dad will be 60 in June and my mum will be 65 in May... (although you'd never believe it to look at her... she's the one I get my youthful looks from!)

Have just remembered I started 20th Jan so I'm just over a year now! Doesn't time fly!

Good luck to us all - this will be a good week...

Love xxx
Hi only me, well im sooooo happy I have just had another compliment form a parent of a little one I look after. What she said is "omg you have lost loads, how much altogether "
well as you can imagine I am on cloud 9
A big "Well Done" Sonya. Irene, I'm pleased that you are back on track, you'll shift that 26lbs in no time. Also pleased the "Meet" went well.
Have booked to go to Prague for my birthday 17th - 21st Feb. Anyone been there? any tips? We've never been before. Dare I get my fur coat out and wear it there - it's been in the wardrobe for about 18 years, but is still beautiful.
Have a good week everyone.
Ann xxx
hi girls,
i'm so desperatly trying to get back on track, 2 week of faffing about = 2lbs loss in 2 weeks, not good, so far 100% today
good luck pandora. you can do it! think to yourself that u will lose at least 3lbs this week and make it ur mantra! it'll happen if u focus on it.

Hi all,
Sonya that is FANTASTIC - bet you feel brilliant. Can't believe I've started week 4 and already 20lbs down. Feeling so positive I changed my target to 10st (instead of 11st7lb) .. much better for my 5ft4ins height.
Good Luck
:( Oh dear! Have just done my weight chart for the last year and am only 36lbs off last year's weight... which is good BUT my weight loss chart looks like the Alps! Since last Jan I have lost 91.5lbs :) but during the peaks & troughs of my graph I have also gained 56.5lbs:cry::eek:... Sooooooo 16lbs to go until my lowest low of 150lbs (10s 10) and then I will be happier....

Will go try & find some exercise! and be good this weekend! (No sliding back to 3 meals a day this weekend!) I WILL BE LESS!
Hi wemitt buddies
It's been a good day today (will add it to my diary :) ). What gave it an extra boost was what happened to hubby ... he has put a photo of me alongside my car on his mobile as his background picture and today, he put the phone down on a desk in the office just after he used it and one of his workmates saw it.

They asked him who the 'bird' in the photo was and he said it was his wife and her car. This bloke's reaction was 'no - really, who is it?'. Again, steve said his wife. The bloke then looked up as steve and said, 'you lucky b*stard!!'

The phone was then apparantly passed round a few more blokes and comments such as 'how did you get her?' followed. All very crass I know but steve said he was the proudest bloke alive and I'm pretty chuffed too! Not so much because I was being complimented but because I never thought I'd see the day that steve would hear comments like that.
Don't get me wrong, he's always said I was beautiful and complimented me all the time ... but love is blind as they say and the only reaction he would have probably got from his workmates when I was at my heaviest would have been sniggering behind hands.

Anyway - it's a great boost to get compliments so I thought I'd share :)
that is so cool! u little strumpet, u!
way to go Debbie, now to stay on track imagine what they will say when he has a photo of you at goal next to the car !!