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it was on Channel4 and it was all about kids it was such a shame for them some of the parents did not seem to mind some were shocked but my question is why would u let your child get like that i know we cant control what they eat all the time but for me if it was my girls i would never have let them get like that for one i know what its like to grow up being fat.

I think you could prob watch it on c4 on demand at the C4 website.


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The parents just have no idea how much their own ideas about eating/diet are rubbing off on these kids - I dont find it suprising that all of these kids and the ones last week had overweight parents or parents who eat junk. So sad and you can see that it already affects these poor little mites. As for the little boy who was allowe to have seconds and thirds at school - thats just wrong why feed him so much at school! I dont have kids but hope that when I do they grow up healthy and with a well balanced diet, will be tuning in next week to see more horrors I'm sure

Happy Holidays

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I also watched this I just couldn't stop giggling at the childrens comments about food, you'll recall the boy who had seconds, wispered to his friend 'I'm alergic to salad' & he seemed to believe it. Was it Kelsy who said to the camera, 'when you're not here filming we have takeaway'.

I also found it very sad, yes I do blame the parents, they've been far too soft. And with the information & help they now have they could make changes, yet they still continue to do the same things. If these children continue as they are they will be the first generation to die before their parents.

My children were always told to ask before eating anything inbetween meals & if they wanted biscuits/crisps & had already eaten them that day they would be refused. I wasn't being hard on them just teaching them good eating habbits.

In fact my daughter commented recently whilst at her friends who was on her third bag of crisps that day. 'x why are you eating another bag of crisps', friend 'because I'm hungry', Lydia told her if she was hungry crisps wouldn't help & to get something proper to eat.

We need to educate not just the children but in some cases the parents. phew :)


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I'm with you Happy Holidays. My kids ask before having something to eat. I have to monitor their eating as my eldest would eat chocolate and biscuits all day if I let her and the middle one would survive on vegetables. So I can make sure they are all getting a balanced diet this way and I agree a lot of it is the parents fault. But y girls only get a dessert if they clear their dinner plates and not until they have as they alreasy take choc biscuits to school. I think everything in moderation is the way to go.;)


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i agree everything in moderation but they also have to get them out and exersise the little boy that went up for seconds and thirds if he was allowed had the best body mass thing that showed he did exersize i mean if someone did the test on your child and showed u on a graph that the bmi for there age should be between 13 and 18 and there actual bmi was 39 off the graph would u continue to feed them takeaway and sweets ??


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Seeing Generation XXL had filled me with mixed emotions. I felt angry at the parents, the ignorant unhealthy attitude and the all too familiar excuses about their and their children's weight (genes, i don't know why he's that big we eat very little..etc).

I also felt sad and heart broken; you see I had grown from a cute chubby baby to a fat miserable teenager. I got badly bullied, missed out on so many things (for example being too big to play in the trampoline with the rest of the kids, even though I was of the same age, miss out on playing in day centres just because i'm too "big") not to mention being compared to my slimmer siblings.
As a child, it is your parents responsibility to ensure that you are safe and healthy and I feel that their parents and mine have failed us. As a 7 years old, being bullied about my weight.. what am I supposed to do when I'm eating what i'm given? We're adults now and we struggle with our weight and some adults still have no idea what a healthy diet is, how do you expect a child to do something about it?

I have no doubt that my parents loved me, but I wish they showed it differently. My body's full of stretch marks..allover my arms,shoulders, tummy, thighs my calves.. even though nor my mother nor my siblings have a single one!! My skin elasticity isn't of someone in their early twenties, I'm a size 14uk but all the crash dieting in desperation through my early teen years has left me with lots of saggy skin, wrinkley tummy and even sag boobs when I haven't even had a child or breast fed.
My weight has ruined a lot of things and made me suicidal. At the age of 9, bullying was so bad I tried to kill myself.

Parents also, tend to be in denial of their children's weight. Despite all of the obvious signs and the not so obvious ones - I got better and better in hiding food, cuts and my low moods - my parents never realized I had a serious problem.

I do catch myself sometimes wishing I had a more ''aware'' mother, but then I've no doubt that she loved me and didn't realise the damage she was doing. It is my responsibility now to do something about it. Admittedly, I do blame her for some of the bad habits, but I try to focus on re educating myself and taking control of my diet. It's very difficult.

So when I see generation XXL, I relate to it so much. The child that said that they have takeaways when camera's aren't around exposed the mother. She's in denial. And God knows losing weight is hard, but she will ruin her daughter's childhood if she doesn't change.

The mothers featured on the documentary seem to be using excuses for the way that their children look and weigh, because it's like ''holding up a mirror to them'' and showing them their failures.

Controlling their food is the least you could do. You may well not be able to control what they eat behind your back/at school, but if you've educated them to have a healthy relation with food then that needn't be a problem..
It wasn't the chocolate they shared with their friend or that take away on that sleepover that made them gain all that's the 2 or 3 meals they continue to have with u that's the problem.

As to ''get them out and about to exercise'' , I hated going out to play because I ended up being bullied. I felt so ashamed even walking to school was so dreadful somedays i'd go to school late just to avoid being bullied before class. Exercise would remind me of P.E, the worst class ever, where I had no ''talent'', got chosen last and broke a sweat within 5 minutes of ''playing''. I hated it.

Even now as an adult, I still feel uneasy about exercising in gyms/parks.

I've very little sympathy to the parents.. :mad:


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I ahe to say, on the flip side, it so so hard to teach your kids a healthey relationship with food, when you have such a love/hate relationship with it. I know the dos and don'ts of helthy eating. I teach them to my girls who know them. I try my best on all these scores. They still pick up the rest though. Mine are both on the large side of healthy. Both already decided they are fat. They are not fat, but they don't look like cheryl cole, their absolute idol!!! Cheryl tells them to stay skinny, the way to be, you ahve to starve. They come to diet club with me. I thought that I would ahve it sussed. I ahd a mum that mnade me clear the plate. I was determined not to be that sort. Stop when you're full. Healthy food, healthy dessert. I still see the unhealthy relationship starting though. This is because kids see past words, and to be honest even actions, and see the feelings!!



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i watch this last night and couldnt belive it!!!!
Even my b/f was speechless...........


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I have watched both of these & was shocked at the parental attitudes, I know some people are not brought up to understand the healthy eating mentality but so much is made of it in the press that they must know something - even if it is not a lot, I felt so sorry for the kids, if they carry on the way they are they are doomed to die early & have all sorts of obesity related problems in the meantime. I think a slimming club should open up groups which are specifically for parents with children - no-one else should go, that way they can all support each other, the kids will make friends with each other & they should also teach them how to cook a healthy, tasty meal for the whole family. There was one girl on Monday night that was a fussy eater when her mother was within range but when her mother wasn't there she ate as a normal child would. I think it is a crying shame that so many kids & families are in this position & believe education for all in the family is the key to trying to fix this for our future generations.