Gestational diabetes and induction

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    Morning I attended my first antenatal class yesterday and have loaned a book about induction. I understand the need for induction but so far I've had excellent blood sugar readings with my diet so no medication. On further reading it explains that the placenta breaks down with poor blood sugar management now I feel like 38 weeks is early my body might not be ready and the experience will be horrendous by all accounts. I don't want an epidural if I can avoid and id like to avoid c sections/assisted births unless completely necessary. Am I within my rights to refuse an early induction can they offer safe monitoring so if signs that baby and placenta aren't as effective I should give birth or does that just increase the risks? After speaking with friends who are a) normally diabetic and allowed to go to 40 weeks I wondered why I my blood sugars had been normal what my changes are of a 39 few days induction? I'm not going to risk my baby so if I'm told otherwise il take the advice just wondered if anyone had any experience of delaying ??

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