Atkins induction week 1 results and why I started!

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  1. joanna*darwin

    joanna*darwin Member

    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum and last Monday I started the Atkins diet. I've always been around 2/3 stone over weight and decided after numerous failed diets it was really time to get in shape and get the weight off this time. I think from my experience you really have to be in the frame of mind that you really want it this time and nothing will stop you.

    So I started off last Monday at 12st 12lbs My heaviest being 14st 12lbs around 18 months ago, after moving to Australia over a year ago, the last 2 stone just seemed to have come off slowly after a life style change I guess. I'm a lot more active than when I was back in England. Anyway I've been around 12 and a half stone for about a year now, so decided it was time for a major change, I've been on countless diets which I've only lasted a day or 2. But I'm now quite sick of not being able to wear what I want and with living in the tropics in Darwin, it's extremely hot 33c everyday and I just would love to wear shorts and a vest top but I'm way to uncomfortable and conscious about my body to do that. So enough is enough I'm in the right frame of mind now, so I thought if give atkins a try.

    So last Monday I started, I've stuck strictly to 20g of carbs a day and haven't cheated once in the whole 6 days I've been on it so far. My official weekly weigh in is tomorrow morning, and as it's 6pm Sunday evening here now. It's pretty much been a week.
    So my results as of this morning are a loss of 3.3kg - 7lbs. I honestly didn't think I would lose that much and I'm so happy with the results!

    I plan on using this forum as a diary from now on and will be posting my weekly losses. I plan on staying on induction for as long as it takes to lose 2 stone. My goal being 9st 7lbs. So just under 3 stone to go. Then go onto phase 2 for the last stone.
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  3. Lovehatecarbs

    Lovehatecarbs Silver Member

    Well done on your first week. I'm 3 days in but was too scared to weigh myself - I know roughly what I was. Will weigh in on Saturday but hoping some of my clothes start to feel more comfortable!
  4. joanna*darwin

    joanna*darwin Member

    How are you finding it?
    I stupidly weigh myself everyday which I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. I'm on day 11 of induction without cheating once, I've lost 9lbs so far, which I'm so pleased with. I've got from having 2,000 cals per day in the first week to around 1200/1300 now without even trying. I've just not been hungry at all. I have eggs in the mornings and I think it makes a huge difference to how hungry I am for the rest of the day then.
  5. Lovehatecarbs

    Lovehatecarbs Silver Member

  6. coffeelover

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    Welcome and well done on the 9lbs. I sometimes weigh everyday too. Just make sure you look at your losses weekly or monthly and don't get discouraged if the scales don't move for a few days. That's the danger and it's easy to give up then. Your doing great! :)
  7. Xearrith

    Xearrith Full Member

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    Well done on the losses folks. I'm on day one, but 7-9lbs losses gives me high hopes for my first weigh in next Friday. Everyone is different though so I who knows? I'll just be happy if those scales go down haha!

    Joanna - I'm really bad for weighing myself daily as well. So I'll be fighting the urge to jump on the scales tomorrow morning. I decided I'd rather see a bigger result in a weeks time than dribs and drabs during the week. So determined to hold out. ;)
  8. xstellax

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    Well done guys! I'm on day 6 and lost 11 pounds so far :) but expecting to lose a lot less next week. Guilty for the daily weighing as well so i've made it my goal not to weigh myself for whole week... will see how that goes.

    Anyone else experiencing bad mood swings? I can't stop snapping at people and it makes me feel awful afterwards, I'm tired of apologising haha!
  9. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

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    Welcome and well done so far - subscribing
  10. Lovehatecarbs

    Lovehatecarbs Silver Member

    Bad moods last week - well more low than bad - just finished 1st week so hoping to feel better next week.
  11. joanna*darwin

    joanna*darwin Member

    How are you getting on lovehatecarbs?

    I had a cheat weekend, which I had planned before I even started. I had booked to go to a festival. Which meant alcohol etc. I enjoyed it, but I felt awful for a couple of days after, the carbs bloated me and just made me feel yuck. I've been back on for 3 days now, no side effects again apart from a couple of head aches. The only thing I'm finding this time is I'm craving carbs a lot more again I guess because I had a lot again so my body wants more. Still determined not to cheat though. I haven't got anything planned for the next few weeks so I should hopefully see the scales drop down! I put on 4lbs on my cheat weekend, which was expected but it was not worth it and I won't be tempted again. I'm going to stay on induction for at least 4 weeks now. Try and get down to 11st.

    Sorry for rambling on! Ha
  12. Lovehatecarbs

    Lovehatecarbs Silver Member

    I had a mega stressful few days so fell off Sunday evening and haven't been good since. My husband had a days trial for a job Monday which was stressful but also meant I had to go to a rheumatology appointment on my own which was a 2.5 hr drive away and confirming a diagnosis which means I'm likely to continue to be in pain every day after which the only answer was dominos pizza and alcohol! I'm on 2 study days now so will try and find time to think everything through and get back on track - I need to keep my energy and mood up so need to find some good foods for that rather than cheese and double cream (not combined!!)
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