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getting complacent

Oh deary me - my mind is playing naughty tricks and my inner nomad is subconsciously trying to get me to cheat.

For some unknown reason this morning all these little thoughts about having a nibble on this or that and having a gorge have been creeping in. I am trying to push them out again.

I don't know if its because I know that in a weeks time I will be on holiday and not ss 100% so that naughty part of me is saying why wait until then? I don't know if its complacency - now I know I can lose the weight any time I want to, it doesn't matter if I am a bit naughty....

BUT IT DOES MATTER!!!! I am really trying to stay determind, drink my water ss 100% until I am actually on holiday. I am not on holiday now so should not behave as if I am.

Almost hearing that voice say I am fighting a losing battle and it would be so easy to give in so I think I need to pretend I am back in week one or two and take it an hour at a time. :D oh deary me!

I am actually in a chipper mood so just trying to stay with it.

Maybe as its approaching midway. By the holiday I will be at my midway target of 21lbs off and then another 21lbs after my holiday to lose.

Also- going to be a bridesmaid in September and my sis is insisting on getting me a size 16 dress even though I already think that will be too big. I've tried negotiating saying a size 14 and I will up the plans so my weight loss slows around that time (could even be a size 12 by end of august). I am trying to be fair to the bride becuase I know how annoying it is when you ask bridemaids if they are going to lose weight and what dress size to buy, they say no then go lose weight just before the day so dress is pinned on. But also, i think its a bit naughty when she kows I am trying to lose weight to force a size 16 on me when she knows I am already getting back into some of my size 14 stuff.

What would you do? Bear in mind the horrendous lkecture I got from her for being on this diet!
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