Carpe diem, MrsSOS, carpe diem sine metu!


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First full week of Slimming World (SW) under my belt and the rest of my life ahead of me; so, reflection time (the highs, the lows, the light-bulb moments and the no-no's.). The devils and angels ;)

I chose to attend a Wednesday evening meeting for my first meeting. Why? Because it is within walking distance :)
But, I drove :eek: ... well, it was sheeting down! Besides, it really wasn't important *how* I got there; the important thing was that I *got* there! Carpe diem, MrsSOS :checkmark green:

Surprised the SW had me at a weight 2lb higher than my bathroom digital scales, but, that's fine I'll make mental adjustments if I use my bathroom scales :)

First reaction to food optimising: low fat, low sugar, cook from scratch (so, more time consuming - but then it would be anyway; anything you have to think twice about is). Lasting impression: do-able :eat:
Left the meeting feeling very optimistic :) .... and drove around looking for a takeaway I fancied that I could [STRIKE]binge on[/STRIKE] eat before my first (official) SW day. :party0051:

Awoke enthused about Food Optimising (FO) and Extra Easy (EE). Began researching foods/recipes to draw up a menu plan for the week. Settled on the SW "Budget" menu plan and asked DH to pick up the necessaries on the way home from work (I was busy researching at the computer :giggle: )

Had a banana for breakfast before heading out for a class in the neighbouring town. Did consider taking another one with me, but didn't ... oh dear(!) ... the class went well, but, that walk up the High Street was sooo tempting: I could smell pizza - crossed the road - could smell fish and chips - crossed the road - could smell Burger King - crossed the road - straight into the full face waft of Big M's - so I walked, as fast as I could to the bus stop before I lost all self restraint!! On a positive note: I walked more briskly on the way back to the bus stop than I had on the way to class :giggle:
Activity: that brisk walk to the bus stop! (Aiming for Bronze)

Saturday was a (sedentary) breeze :)
Joined this forum.
Attempted the Fake Away Donar Kebab recipe and first attempt at SW chips. The kebab (made with extra lean beef mince) was "okay", but nothing to rave about (I'll have a play with the seasonings, I think). The chips were on the dry side, so next time, I shall par boil them in stock.

Oooh, very, very challenging! Sunday dinner without any wine!!????? :eek: Thank goodness I had discovered FebFast - alcohol thread which did help me refocus on my decision not to have alcohol while I am in the initial stages of SW.
Activity: dog obedience/agility class. :chores016:

Back on track (mentally). Sunday was a good exercise in reminding me how life has its triggers and I need to recognise them and learn how to deal with them.
Contacted my Consultant (who I still haven't met) to ask if I could attend her Tuesday morning group for my first weigh in because I had something else on my agenda for Wednesday evening. She was lovely and Tuesday for weigh in it will be (even though I will only have 5 full days of SW under my belt by then).
Activity: :chores016: Met a really lovely lady and her 4 dogs (bonus!)

Weigh Day Tuesday:
New location, new group and new time of day (morning!)
Legs ached from yesterdays walking, but, still parked the car at the end of the road and walked down to the hall (only about 8 minutes away, but, a brisk walk is a brisk walk: carpe diem, MrsSOS!)
Met a couple of ladies who live nearer to my way but who had also decided to try this group (one lady because it was day time and she would find parking much easier).
Deliberately did not look at the scales when I was being weighed. My logic being: I've only being doing this 5 days and if I haven't lost anything I could, possibly, get a monk on by brooding on it between weigh in and read out and that is not a friendly look to wear around new people :sigh: While waiting, decided to buy the magazine ... lo and behold ... who is selling it? The lovely lady I had met walking the dog the day before! :wavey: Bonus!
Weight Loss: 1.5lb :clap:

Drove home feeling quite pleased .... why only "quite"? .... because I had been 5 days FO *and* without any alcohol passing my parched lips .... and I had hoped, hoped, it would have reflected more on my weight loss :(

Cue: Devil vs Angel mentality.
One wouldn't hurt (devil) oh yes it would! (angel); 'celebrate' your loss with a big treat (devil) - or, sabotage it! (Angel);
Then came "cast the monkey" mentality and trying to justify to DH why some wine really wouldn't hurt (knowing he wouldn't condone it) and that led to a disagreement (which I sort of knew it would) and that led me to thinking it is all *his* fault for not saying: "Well done! No of course one glass won't hurt and a fish supper is a great way to celebrate". Yes, I could syn wine, but, I promised myself not to have *any* :badmood:
He skulked off upstairs: I gave myself a good talking to and hit the forums.

Lo and behold, I found someone who was thinking precisely how I had been thinking all day!! Is this wise? And it gave me time to reflect on my own position and give a considered response.

A gloomy weather day so a good day to clear out some cobwebs (mentally and physically).
Opened the windows (brr!) and polished and hovered like my life depended on it (hmm, wonder if that counts towards bronze?). Cooked Diet Chicken (but with turkey) for our main meal, which we had during the middle of the day so I had the rest of the day free.
Felt very positive. Didn't make my evening out, because of the weather, but that was ok because my legs were grateful for the rest :)
Activity :chores016: for 20 minutes (all before the rain came down: Carpe diem, MrsSOS :checkmark green: )

Overall view of my first full week at SW

  • I'm very happy to eat low fat, low sugar, home cooked food: that is not difficult (70%) of the time :)
  • I *will* have challenging times (30% this week) and I will find ways to deal with them (e.g :chores016: or stair walking, or reading these forums and finding I'm not alone!!)
  • 1.5lb loss over 5 days is not to be sniffed at - a gain during my first week may have been ;)
  • No one is going to beat me up, banish me to a dessert island, spurn me or torture me until I break if I should have a weak moment. I will continue to remind myself of the reasons I first walked through that door.
  • This is *my* journey (not DH's, not my family's, not the dog's, not the 'group', but mine) and I need to take full responsibility for my thoughts, actions, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Tuesday meetings suit me better than Wednesday meetings

Today (Thursday) is Day 1 of Week 2: Carpe diem, MrsSOS, carpe diem sine metu!! :)
Thursday 6th February 2014: Week 2/Day 1

Today, the weather has yet again been disappointingly grey and wet. But, carpe diem MrsSOS, it has been a good opportunity to cook some new-to-me SW recipes: Apple Betty and Speedy Quiche (with pictures!!!! :D :D :D ).

Decided to try "Apple Betty" (available on the website without a log in) at 2 Syns per portion on EE.
Didn't have 8 eggs ( :eek: ) but, I do have duck eggs and decided that 4 duck eggs would be almost equivalent to 4 medium sized chicken eggs. The finished result looked very tempting, so cue "Official Taster" aka DH. He scored it highly, so I think I can put that down to a success? :)

Apple Betty.jpg

Next on the list was a "Speedy Quiche". Syn FREE on EE (also available online without a log in).
DH and I had to compromise on this: we both have different likes and dislikes; we both have to eat it!
The ingredients I settled on for my first attempt were: sweet corn, peas, mushrooms and bacon.

Speedy Quiche.jpg

I think it has turned out rather well but the proof of the pudding (as they say) will be in the eating! And, as it is going in the fridge as a 'Grab and Go' item for the next few days, the "Official Taster" (DH) hasn't been permitted a look in, yet :giggle:

Also in the oven at the moment are: rice pudding (made with cholesterol reducing skimmed milk) which only DH will be eating (and he is *not* on SW); some chicken drumsticks to add to the "Grab & Go" selection in the fridge.

Today's meal plan:-

B: Chopped apple and banana with FF natural yogurt. (Free on EE)
L: Jacket potato topped with leftover Cola Turkey and leftover roasted vegetables (Free on EE)
Snack: A portion of Apple Betty (2 syn)
D: SW spaghetti and Bolognese (free on EE) with a green side salad, glass of milk and an orange.
This still leaves me a HexB to use up for the day ... I'm sure I'll find a way :giggle: (If all else fails, 6 walnut halves will do the trick :) )

Had two big :eek: :eek: moments today.
~ The first came when I asked DH to pick up some granular sweetener on his way home this morning. He did: Splenda (125g) £3.15!!! HOW MUCH!!!???? :eek:

~ The second came when DH got home from the gym and decided to weigh himself ... he has lost ... 7lb!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: HOW MUCH!!!?????
The swine ... he's not even *doing* SW - but he is being subjected to *my* dinners :giggle:
Still, credit where credit is due: :clap: WTG DH :clap:

Haven't had any "activity" time today, but I'm counting it as a day off. I'll get enough over the weekend to satisfy my Bronze Goal :)

All in all, a successful day one way or another :)
I love your outlook on life - so cheery and honest. Well done on your loss, that's great after only 5 days.

"Never, never, never, never give up." Winston Churchill
Friday 7 Feb 2014: Week 2/Day 2.

:thankyou: archers, very kind of you to say so :)

Today hasn't begun quite as I had planned - there is a free class running for 6 weeks that I had hoped to attend (2nd one) but between son calling me late last night, which meant I was more tired than usual + the unfriendly weather outside, it was just too, too easy to roll over and grab a bit longer under the duvet :giggle: :eek: But, (there's always a 'but', isn't there? :giggle: ) I *did* end up going out last night for a brisk and lively walk :chores016: which will counterbalance the walk I would have had this morning. As for missing the class, I can practise at home and it has saved me the expense of parking fees, which at £3 a time is a worthy saving, I think. :)

It has opened a window of opportunity too. Because I'm at home, I am putting the :airquote: bonus :airquote: time to good use. I have a free recipe software programme called "Big Oven" (US based but easily used for UK purposes). I first came across it a good number of years ago and at that time it was a paid for program, but, the company now offer it free and over a good range of platforms too. I think this is going to be a great help in a) storing SW recipes, b) drawing up a meal plan from those recipes and c) garnering a shopping list from that too. So, this is how I have spent the past couple of hours:-

  • created an excel spreadsheet for the SW "Budget Menu" with suggested (ASDA) shopping list
  • reviewed which 'suggestions' will meet both *my* needs and DH's fussiness :giggle;

Now, I notice on that particular "menu" plan there are 2 mince meals (Days 1 & 4); so, to make the menu more flexible I have searched the recipe database on the SW website, created a search for "minced beef" and patiently sifted through all the recipes to find the ones both of us would actually eat and enjoy

  • created a "SW" recipe box within the software
  • inputted 13 mince meals into the recipe file
  • created a menu plan using those meals for Days 1 & 4 of each week (only days 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 to go :giggle: )

The next step is going to be:-

  • cook up a "Basic Mince" recipe
  • Freeze in portions

The basic mince recipe will be used (defrosted) to make several of the dishes (e.g. Bolognese, cottage pie, lasagne, chilli, Hash) ; the next mince purchase (next week) will be frozen in portion sizes for those recipes which can only be made from fresh mince e.g. meatloaf, meatballs, burgers: there are 5 different 'burger' recipes! I've always made my own burgers so these will be pivotal in our meal plans.
* Going through the recipes has also inspired me for Saturday's main meal: I had some leftover pasta and Bolognese sauce from yesterday's dinner.
DH was going to gobble it up when he got back from the gym (yes, all to himself :giggle: ) *but* there is a lovely recipe for Pasta Bake in the SW database.
I didn't have quite enough of the sauce left to make the bake, but, I did have some leftover baked beans in the fridge (about half a tin) so I've added that to the pasta sauce, mixed in the cold pasta, covered it in foil and returned it to the fridge for tomorrow's meal.
All I need to do when I get home from work will be pop it in the oven, heat through, top with a little cheese and serve with salad :)

I also notice that particular plan has 2 turkey meals (Days 2 & 7 ) - yummy! - However, going over my receipt, I now see that turkey fillets are not so economical (certainly not enough to be called "Budget"!) when I can buy, as an alternative and for less, a whole chicken and cut it into portions myself. Next search will focus on poultry meals ;)

Eggs are a free food here, not just on the Extra Easy, but because I keep chickens and ducks; carpe diem MrsSOS!! So, I also need to do a search for meals with eggs.

It is a bit time consuming, but, I'm in no hurry and I'd rather take my time and get it all right than not bother and find I'm struggling to stick with a plan.

Today's meals:-

B: Bran Flakes (HexB) with milk (HexA) + banana
L: Speedy quiche (made yesterday) with salad (DH) roasted veg (me) + FF yogurt
D: SW Cooked breakfast + Apple Betty for dessert (made yesterday)

That should keep me out of mischief for a while :giggle:

An evening walk with my dog :chores016:
:553: My 50th post!!!!! :553:

No one warned me this site could be addictive :giggle:​
Friday 8 Feb: Week 2/Day 3

Just enjoying a drink of hot water with lemon. My mother was forever suggesting a drink of plain hot water first thing in the morning to "cleanse the system" and I do think it has positive benefits; the lemon is added simply because ... I like it!

Working today so that will put a slightly different 'spin' on how and what I eat. Already have a pasta bake prepared for when I get home, it will just need heating in the oven.
I shall wear a pedometer too because I'm curious how many steps I take in a working day; walking to work should give those steps a boost :giggle:

B: Chopped apple, sliced banana mixed together with FF yogurt and a sprinkle of crushed bran flakes.
L: Still thinking about that one, but, most likely a slice of Speedy Quiche (wow, great recipe and very tasty!) and an orange
D: Pasta bake, side salad and a slice of Apple Betty to sweeten the mouth afterwards

Let the day unfold in a positive and optimistic fashion: carpe diem MrsSOS!! :)
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Longer day at work than expected, and forgot to take the quiche!
Instead I popped out, picked up some punnets of fruit and some turkey breast slices and made do with those, in small quantities.

Got a stinking headache now though and I think it is due to a) not drinking enough fluids and b) eating at unfamiliar times. Mind you, that's the trouble with still being a SW "newbie" ... my body is producing a lot of flatulence and to avoid being too windy at work, I cut back on the fruit and veg :giggle: :whistle: This time next week I hope my body will have become a little more used to the higher fibre/windy pops :eek:

Think I can hear my duvet calling me ..... Zzzzzzzz
Good afternoon, MrsSOS; you are a really inspiring read and, when I return from my mini-break courtesy of hubby/NHS I shall look forwards to following you and your meanderings. Well done on the 5 day weight loss! :clap:. I'm just awake after night duty, I've had a coffee and a browse, now I am off to face the scales (I know, I ought to have done that before coffee, but 'needs must'), put last week behind me and prepare (thanks to your timely input the other day) my 'grab 'n go goodies :) C x
Monday 10th February 2014

Yesterday was dog Obedience class.
I got up early, grabbed a couple of bananas and called those breakfast, remembered to put my pedometer on and was setting out as DH returned from a night shift. This week it was "Test" week and I felt it wasn't going to go well - but, Mutt surprised me and we have passed this leg :clap: Was really excited to check my pedometer ... nothing! :eek: Not one step, not even a reading ... blinking battery was gone :8855:Oh well, I'm confident I took more steps than a would have done if I'd spent the day at home, on the computer :giggle: On the journey home, I was feeling very peckish ... I'm rather proud of myself for continuing driving past the McDonalds drive thru, which is right next to the KFC drive thru (and I drove past that an all!). How did I achieve this amazing feat without giving in to temptation? The thought of a bacon butty when I got home!

So, yesterday's meal plan ended up as:

B: 2 bananas
L: Bacon Butty (in two slices of Hovis = 1 x HexB), with a glass of milk (1x HexA)
D: Roast chicken, dry roast potatoes, baby carrots, petit pois, broccoli, a shop bought (small) Yorkshire pudding (= 2.5 Syn), with gravy (3 syn)
Syn Total: 5.5


Has ended up an "At Home" day (work didn't need me today and the weather isn't quite calling out, "enjoy me!") and a good opportunity to work out this weeks meal plan. Oh dear, seems I have a few items in the fridge which need using up pronto, or at least, in the next few days! Thank goodness I checked because the meal plan is now based around those items for the week and the freezer will be fed with items which I simply cannot face or can't put to good use before they expire.

Finally made the effort to actually measure out my daily milk HexA. I'm using skimmed milk today and that equates to 350ml. (other days I use Almond milk, unsweetened and that is free for 950ml!) I'm surprised just how little I have been using :eek: but, now it is measured out and separated from the main milk, I can see that I may well be having a large glass of milk, as a drink, later today to use it up. Or, maybe I will carry some over for tomorrow, but make tomorrow's HexA some cheese (my weakness!)?

Feasts of the Day:
B: Bran flakes (HexB) with milk (HexA) and a chopped banana. Had a large portion of BF so half is being syn'd = 4
Snack: 2 x plums
Lunch: slice of speedy quiche with some side vegetables
Dinner: Jacket potato, deli sliced chicken, mushrooms and salad.
Dessert (don't have one often) will be Apple Betty (2 syns) with crème fraiche (3 syns)
Total Syns: 9

Tomorrow morning is Weigh Day and I'm really not optimistic: but, 'same, gain or lose', makes no difference at this stage because I'm still learning and getting into the swing of things. Obviously, I would like to see a loss, but I do think there are times when I'm not quite eating as the plan is intended e.g I don't always have syns and maybe my portion sizes are somewhat on the generous side at times? Whatever it may be on the scales, one thing is for sure: I will learn *something* from it ;)

I have my SOW items ready to take with me for tomorrow morning: a banana protector (might be useful for carrying around a 'nana for a quick to hand snack) and ... well, it really *should* be a banana, but instead ... a couple of lemons! Hoping all that yellow from the lemons and banana case brings some sunshine into the world of the SOW :)

Borderlass: I shall be thinking of you and Mr B this week and sending positive thoughts your way and healing vibes his way :bighug:
Weigh Day: Tuesday 11 February 2014

Weigh Day

It will be my 2nd weigh in this morning and it will be interesting to see if I have lost and, if so, by how much. Even if I haven't, it will be a good opportunity to reflect on the why's and wherefores.

Already taken Mutt out for a brisk walk :chores016: and this time the pedometer *was* working: 50 minutes and 4700 steps :clap: :clap: :clap:
Now, I'm only aiming for Bronze at the moment, and I have far exceeded the requirements, so I'm very happy with that :)

There is something quite magical about taking Mutt for a walk when the world is waking up and unfolding, once again, into a vibrant "society". You get to see the happenings that you wouldn't usually: the bus drivers cleaning their vehicles before warming the engines for another day of work; the rattling of shutters as shop windows are exposed ready for day light; the smells from the bakery as they race against the clock to fill their shelves filled with gooey delights and daily bread. The paper delivery folk setting off with their daily burden which will turn into (for some) their daily news adding meaning to their lives. The greengrocers greeting their deliveries of fresh goods, fresh from the London markets. And Mutt greets it all with nonchalance because his only concern is that he is out, sniffing, scenting (oops, sorry about your wheelie bin, Mrs, he simply couldn't resist :eek: ) with his Alpha Mum and enjoying a brisk walk before breakfast. I adore his uncomplicated devotion and I'm so glad to have him on my journey :doggy:

I'll report back in (after weigh in) and post today's feasts.


Delighted to discover I had lost 1.5lb :scale: Actually got to meet my Consultant this week (she's been away) and what a lovely lady! I'm so pleased I've changed from a Wednesday evening group to the Tuesday morning one. It would have been the same consultant, but the timing suits me better and I'm beginning to get to know the group members and I like the atmosphere :)

B: 2 x bananas
L: scrambled egg, baked beans, bacon with 2xtoast (HexB)
D: :eek: didn't get around to having one (DH had an extraction :patback: and didn't feel he could eat and I wasn't hungry)

Managed to clock up 10,000 + steps on my pedometer yesterday :winner:

Bought a little book at club: "100 eXtra easy Days" - well worth the £3.50 because it really does have 100 days of B/L/D ideas (or, put another way: 300 ideas :) ). So, back out with the pen and I noted down all the B/L/D's that we would both eat and I shall use those as a point of reference when I get a mental block when menu planning.
Another tool in my box for meal planning: read an interesting article on the SW site "Lifelineonline" on how to convert recipes from my recipe books to SW friendly :checkmark green:

Took part in a survey, which is being conducted by Ph D students at Lincoln University - again on "Lifelineonline" - aimed at people who joined in January: it is part of a self-perception study. Have to admit, the only reason I did it is because my son is an undergraduate at Lincoln and I felt an affiliation :giggle:

The day began well, went well and ended well: carpe diem, MrsSOS :angel09:
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Wednesday 12 February 2014

Busy day today: have a meeting in the middle of the day with DH at HQ. This will present its own little challenge because the temptation to eat out exists.
But, I have choices:

  • eat well before we go and just take a snack to have before we get home
  • take a packed lunch
  • eat out, but make healthier choices

Most likely to be the third option, to be frank. A little of what you fancy won't kill you and, as much as I am enjoying eating the SW way (and enjoying the results too!), I like to enjoy life as well :giggle:

Some group members were surprised when I admitted I don't look at the scales at weigh in and I wait until the Consultant reads out my 'results'. I do get excited when I have a loss, but I'm not overly concerned if I STS or have a little gain, so it makes not a jot of difference knowing before hand. The way I see it is: whatever the scales read, there will be something to reflect on and learn from. Obviously I would like to lose weight - why else would I be paying for SW? - but, I also believe that I didn't get to this weight overnight, so it is unrealistic to expect to lose it rapidly. Nor do I want to lose it rapidly: slow and steady will do me. I'm also realistic enough to know that there will be occasions where I will STS or even gain: c'est la vie!
I met a lovely lady yesterday who was having her 3rd weigh in (this was my 2nd) and she was so excited because she had lost 7lb in her first 2 weeks. I'm impressed - I've managed 3lb in 2 weeks :giggle: - but, this weigh in, she has put on a couple of lb and she is gutted! She simply cannot see that her (new) total loss of 5lb over 3 weeks is actually very good and is more akin to the "average" 1-2lb expected weight loss. Pity: she will no doubt have spent the rest of yesterday beating herself up and feeling miserable and it just isn't necessary to punish herself so! Such a shame that particular truth isn't handed out at Image Therapy because I'm sure it would save some hearts from aching.

Surprise, surprise, the weather forecast for today is: RAIN! And, as Sod's Law would have it, predominantly while we are on the motorway :rolleyes: So, I'll take that "slow and steady" attitude into driving today ;)

Carpe Diem, MrsSOS!
Well done on your loss! That's brilliant, and a great way to look at losing weight. It's all to easy to get caught up in individual figures and lose sight of the bigger picture.
Well done on your loss! ...
Thank you, Archer - that is a really supportive note and I'm charmed that you took the time to say so :bighug:
Hello MrsSOS, how are you managing? Well done on a brilliant loss, and some perceptive gems in your ramblings I have enjoyed catching up on your diaries. As you say, it is a learning curve all the time, and there are many things about ourselves to learn! I have been looking at the online self sabotage logs; I am trying to work out when I so desperately wish to be lighter I don't yet put my full attention on to making the appropriate adjustments! C x