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Getting to the end of Day and Feeling miserable

OMG, I am not tempted to eat quite the opposite, I feel so sick the thoughts of food right now is making me ill despite the grumbling tummy.

I felt unwell after my first 2 shakes (cuppacino shake and a chicken and mushroom soup) and after the third and final one of the day I made toffee and walnut on coffee. I really thought I would hurl, it took all my strength not to. Even opening the pack made my stomach turn.

I've pretty much got a strong stomach for most things so this is a curve ball I wasnt expecting. Has anyone else experinced this on the shakes but found the tetra briks better, I am tempted to ring my CDC and ask for a swap (I didnt get any tetras)

Please tell me someone has come through the other side of this and it has become easier to take.
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Mrs B

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Sorry Hedgehog, I've not experienced this just wanted to wish you luck. I'd try the tetras if I were you. See what your CDC says.


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sorry to hear you're having a rough time. I haven't had any hurling probs (haven't tried the broccoli/cheese one otherwise I might have sympathised), but other people have. Just wait a while and someone will be able to help. I would try to make the soups into crisps to start. Real food sensation then. It might be the thought of not having 'solids', and only milky drinks so that your body is rebelling maybe.


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I found the toffee & walnut quite sweet, that did make me feel ill...
and I went off the soups after 2 weeks as well.. I just buy the odd one or two if I feel like it, but i did get to the point where I couldn't face the thought of them!

you could try diluting the shakes a little more, it's only water so won't do you any harm... or split the pack in 2 and have more smaller shakes throughout the day.. might just be that it's too much in one go..
Thanks for the quick replies

As I was drinking my last one I was thinking I made it with too much water and took long to get it down, I made it in a very tall mug (large starbucks mug I have)

Is there a receipe for the crisps here somewhere, although I havent been focused on needing food today as such, you're right maybe the milkiness of the drink is doing it to me

I just hope this is something that will pass because I really want this diet to work, and I am positive if I can get through this I will be grand on the diet once I get into the routine of it....
Have you tried mixing the shakes in a blender with lots of ice, so they turn into a kind of ice-cream? I find them much nicer like that, and it may get easier in a week or so when you can have bars. It may be a good idea to swap for some tetras too, most people like those.

I hope you're feeling better soon.

I've been using a blender alright but making them hot, maybe I'll try my breakfast one with ice tomorrow see if that helps thanks

I'm definitely going to get on to my CDC and see if I can do some swaps :)
The Cambridge Diet Home Page
I found this link and it seems that it is not uncommon to feel this way, usually its due to an lactose intollerance which I dont have, or due to concentrated nutrition which I suppose is possible but up to yesterday I was taking a good multivitamin so I'm a bit surprised at that to be honest. I've had 4.5 litres of water today so it cant be that....

I'll try dividing the packs tomorrow to see if it makes a difference, I hope it does because I really need this diet to work

Thanks to everyone who replied :)
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Hi hun

I didn't have too much of a problem although I did end up having all Tetras because I preferred them. I know it can take your body a little bit of time to adjust to all the nutrients, try taking them with water, sip from each to dilute them down even more. Hang in there and hopefully it will settle.



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