Gggrrrr moan!


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I often go onto the vegetarian message board on WW website and they have really got my goat today. Some of them are such a moaning bunch, always whingeing about how WW isn't vegetarian friendly, how the magazines ignore vegetarians and vegans, how the recipe books are uninspiring how they are sick of WW suggesting quorn as a meat alternative, how restuarants are no longer veggie friendly and it goes on and on and on.

I honestly can't understand them, WW is very veggie friendly because no foods are out of bounds, you can eat whatever you want within moderation as long as you point it. OK it would be nice if WW did a veggie only recipe book (there was one a few years ago that I still use today) but I find most of the veggie recipes in all the cookbooks great and I make loads of them and I also convert loads of meat recipes, I'm never short of ideas, and theres some fantastic recipes in the new magazine and a cheesy pasta one that with substituting quorn bacon for lean back bacon will be veggie and I am making it next week. AND whats wrong with quorn, its great, low in fat and a good source of protein.

I can't think of any negative comments to make about WW and vegetarism - I never eat the ready meals so can't comment too much on them, although do accept that theres not much choice.

Why can't some people just try and be positive instead of negative all the time.


Rant over from a very happy vegetarian loving the WW diet, quorn and all the WW cookbooks and magazines!:p:p:p:p:p
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Hi there

know exactly what you mean regarding. I dont go on there anymore its much nicer on this forum.:D

I have done many diets and have to say I dont find WW veggie unfriendly at all.

I do use quorn a lot instead of meat but like it so no problem. Even hubby will eat it now. :8855:

I do have to agree with the restaurants part though, we tend to eat out a lot and most places veggie choice is pretty rubbish and always loaded with cheese! so quite fatty! :sigh:. Think restaurants need to use their imagination a bit more.

I would love it if WW did come out with a new book purely for veggies. Perhaps all of us WW veggies should send an email off to their head office to see if they would consider one for the future.

WW'er...veggie and proud of it. :)

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Lydia, the big difference is that you are getting on with the job in hand of losing weight....others just want to moan about why they are not able to do that - it means they don't need to take responsibility - they can blame it on WW not telling them what to eat!!!

Any vegetarian cookbook will give you good ideas (and as most veg is free) most of it will be really low points.

My OH is veggie - and I agree that quorn is really nice - although tried the Linda mc Cartney mince for the first time this week and its really nice. Quite a different texture to quorn but still very low in points.

Keep smiling and being positive - its what you do best.

Rosie x


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thank you sweetie, glad its not just me!


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I'm not veggie but have friends and family who are - I find quite a few recipies on the WW website


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Theres loads of lovely recipes on there I agree, the cookbooks are full of lovely recipes and if you have the intelligence to use your imagination then you can easily convert meat recipes by using quorn, tofu or vegetables, I think some people like moaning for moanings sake.

The latest one is that the problem with quorn is that its everywhere, all the supermarkets stock it because it sells and they don't bother stocking anything else, well correct me if I am wrong but wouldnt' the supermarkets be a bit simple minded on the business front to stock goods that don't sell just to please a few fussy veggies!