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Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by greenfish, 29 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. greenfish

    greenfish Member

    Back on LL - 1st Started in March - SEVERAL TIMES but always dropped off after a few days so almost gave up

    Then in one of those moments I came back here and suddenly realised how much I would have lost if I had stayed with it !

    Anyway coming up for 2 weeks now and its funny that when when you get past a few days, and all those 'one meal tonight wont ...' thoughts it starts becoming 'normal'.

    I know that I kept falling off because I was always telling myself just one more meal tonight because you can't have any more till you finish LL - weird logic?

    Not blinkered as I know there are going to be more bad thoughts and days I just feel better prepared for them now, I know how much better I feel after not eating when I had temptation in front of me

    Lastly when I was not committed I stayed away from here.
    Now I try and come back most days :):):)
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  3. Snorks

    Snorks Full Member

    You sound very positive greenfish and as if you have sorted this out in your head. Definitely keep popping back in, you're not doing this on your own!
  4. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    well done for taking charge, good luck with it x
  5. Jezebella

    Jezebella Playing the Angel

    Well done Greenfish, good luck, you can do this!!!


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