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Giving CD one more chance!! doc wants weight off pronto :-(


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Hi all in CD land :ashamed0005: I am back to have another go at the diet! I have been to the doc's and she wants weight off as fast as is possible in a healthy way due to getting palputations, breathing problems and loads of other stuff:cry:
I have been diagnosed with M.E. Fibromyalgia, nadula thyroid disease and degenerative disc disease in my lumbar spine since I was last on here two years ago!! So losing weight with just cutting back a bit and exercise arn't possible, can only do a bit a swimming nowadays, so CD it is:mermaid:and swimming lol
I look forward to catching up with some old friends on here and hopefully making some new ones xx
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Hello my darling! Welcome back, glad you have come back to Minis, as you know its great for support etc.

Lovely to see you last week, and we must get together again. I will come to St Keverne next time if you like to save you a journey.

Good luck honey x x


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Welcome back! Have you officially started back yet?


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Hi cheryl!!
was lovely to see you too :) I would say come down to roskillys, but too many temptations there!!;) icecream, cakes etc etc lol. Our local pub which a friend owns is nice for a coffee/tea or diet coke.
i still cant get a picture of your son with his shocked expression at susan boyle full blast out of the stereo :eek:
have put up a new ticker and will be updating it every day so you can all see im sticking to diet, determined again this time!! plus doc was not happy with my health when i saw her on monday evening:cry: may need camera down my throat to see if all my tablets have damaged my stomach! i certainly get my moneys worth out of the nhs lol
speak soon , tiz x


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Well morning all:)
Im busy taking a horrible medicine off the doctor at the moment!! totally yuck and so far not working?! Ive had to stop smoking because even that is making me nauseaous? and I am managing to stick to diet because eating also makes me nauseaous? so am quite fed up and will be pleased when the doc has returned from holiday and can check what the hell is going on?
On the positive I am down 4lb:D so at least she wont nag about my weight when she see's me now its going in the right direction.
Hope everybody out in CD land is ok.
cheers for now Tiz x


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Morning all!:)
Well, I have had an eventful weekend!! I had to have the ambulance to me and go to hospital because I had an angina attack!!!! so being fair,fat and forty is not healthy and doctor is right:cry: So I was told definatly no more smoking, so have stopped!!:smoke: So three days as no smoker, was on 40 a day!!!!!!!!! so amazing I havent flaked out sooner, amazing chest x-ray was clear! and amazing Im not climbing the walls wanting one, so my collapse on sunday has done alot of good :)
I have also lost 10lb since I saw the doctor, 8LB since I started back on my diet, so I only have to loose another just over 2lb and ill be under 17 stone which I havent been for over a year.
Anyway, off for me breakfast shake, have a good day guys and see you again soon xx


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What a really positive post - you have done so well to stop smoking immediately.. the scare must have really got to you..

I am due to restart tomorrow - seeing my CDC tonight, but not starting til tomorrow when OH goes off to OZ with his work for 10 days - it would be great to surprise him when he gets back

Fingers crossed that I can be as motivated as you..

Take care and look forward to speaking to you again...



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Hi, Thanks for your post:)
Im trying to be positive so Im glad thats how it has come over. I feel that things can only get better now and only I can do something about it! lol I hope you do well and having OH away for 10 days should help because you dont have to deal with his meals :rolleyes:
Good luck and drink plenty of water, I have done the diet before and lost loads of weight, I did put it back on when i went through a divorce, then tried again and lost nearly 3 stone, but stopped due to all my illnesses. But I realized that weight will only make my iller and if I want to be as well as possible then only I can help myself.
Keep us all up to date on how you are doing and hope to chat again, cheers :thankyou:


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Wow that must have been quite a scare! I'm pretty sure I was headed there myself, tho I've been smoke-free for just over a year and a half. You'll be so glad you quit! I can't wait to see my GP in a few months for my annual, she'll positively keel over to see how much weight I've already lost and hopefully my fasting sugar and my cholesterol will be in the normal range once more.

Good luck to you on this go-round, and may you keep it off for good this time!;)
Wow Tizzy what a weekend! Scarey stuff. Thankfully you are now a non-smoker - fabulous! And ten pounds lighter, too. Well done! See what you can do when you really put your mind to it?

I gave up smoking years back and I will always be grateful that I was able to. Biscuits, cake, sweeties and other tasty junk, however... now there's a challenge lol.


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well I went to see my cdc tonight - love the woman - and I am actually 4 lbs lighter than I was when I last went so that is a bonus..

I have asked for a new weight card and I have smuggled my tetras in so OH has no idea... hope that I can do at least 10 days whilst he is away and really reap the benefits when he gets back - if you know what I mean - wink wink...


Hi, thanks for messages :)
I am feeling alot better today, and have managed to sleep for the first time in two weeks and no longer feel nauseous! phew lol
good luck with the CD while your hubby is away, sure he will notice and be chuffed when he returns ;)
cheers Tiz


Mad as a Hatter
S: 12st10lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yeah but the youngest has found them and he loves them so they were broken open before they even hit the fridge - still OH has flown out today none the wiser... roll on 10 days
Wow yeah you can shift a good amount in ten days on CD... then it will be luvved-up time again! ha ha x
Hi, hope your 10 days went well?
Im struggling like mad this week!! Im feeling alot better, but not smoking has really made it hard to not eat:cry:
Ive just got my new swimming costumes in the post and so next week I will be starting my swimming again.
I need to get motivated and get used to not replacing a cigarette with food!
anyway, hope everybody in CD land is doing well xxxx Tiz:D

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