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I WILL lose the weight AND keep it off!!

Thought I'd start a diary as I've been on LL for two weeks now and had a fantastic loss of 15lbs. I know the losses will slow down a little now and, without a diary to record my feelings I'm worried that my resolve might weaken. I seem to be constantly saying 'no thank you' to invitations which involve food and I'm worried that feeling antisocial might cause me to give in to food.

I lost 70lbs in 2009 with LL, kept it off for 6 months (didn't do RTM as I was so, so happy with the weight loss that I was certain that I'd be able to keep it off) but then we moved abroad (with work, not out of choice) and depression set in, causing me to comfort eat and over the next 8 or 9 months I gained 40lbs :(

I had a pain in my right hip for 3 months and eventually, a month or so ago, I was sent for an MRI scan. The pain was (is) sciatica, caused by a disc pressing on the nerve. It would seem that I have something called degenerative disc disease and so have 3 bulging discs. The Orthopaedic consultant told me that losing weight, even 10lbs, would ease the pressure and the discomfort.

I had a 'woe is me' couple of days (!) and then decided to get my ass into gear and get back on the LL packs. I bring some back here every time I go home and so I have 3 months' supply to start me off - enough to see me through till I go home again.

So, I started 2 weeks ago and I have lost 15lbs. My goal is to lose 70lbs, which will take me to a total loss (since April 2009) of 100lbs. I should be ache and pain free and keeping it off will ensure that I will not turn into an incapacitated old woman!! ;)

So - sorry for the rant - a regular input to my diary is needed to help me to stay focussed and enable me to become the person I want to be (physically speaking!) as soon as possible.
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Wow Karen what a flying start, losing over a stone in 2 weeks!!

Well done for keeping 30lbs off too. :)

I had sciatica when I was pregnant so do know how it feels. Poor you. Be interesting to know how your back improves as you progress.

Keep posting you will have the amazing support of some great people on here, which you will find invaluable.

Good luck!! xx
Well Done! 1 stone in two weeks is amazing and the Siatica will get better with weight loss for sure.

Your a few weeks ahead of me- but I'm already inspired by your first two weeks! Keep posting so everyone can see how well you do!
Hey welcome and goodluck xx
Thank you so much, ladies. It will help so, so much to know I have the support of people who fully understand what I am doing. I'm already finding myself telling little white lies to people who disapprove of VLCDs and claim, as they always do, to know far better than we do! "Surely it isn't healthy" is something I'm hearing quite a lot. My answer "well, it HAS to be more healthy than being 7 stone overweight (and morbidly obese) is"! I'm a grown woman with grown up children - why do these people want to talk to me as if I'm a child? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Moan over!

Have a great day, everyone. Stay positive and remember your goals!


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Morning Karen,
Not sure what time it will be with you over in Saudi. Pain is a great motivator for focusing one's attention on change for sure, personally speaking works for me every time.

Well done for keeping the 30 lb off first of all, and extra well done for coming back to Lighter life. I am asuming that you are having to go it alone over there as there are no groups? Tough one if you are, but thank God the forum on here is a great support. Fast becoming my lifeline.

At the moment this being the second time round for me at Lighter Life, I am tending not to tell people I am on it. Actively lying I am sad to say when I need to as I do not want at this stage to deal with all the nay sayers. Heard it all before and I can be negative enough in my own head without any support from anyone else thank you very much ! Funnily enough the people who care about me are supportive, two girls in work know and are behind me so that is great.

Good luck with the journey. Keep strong and focused, you know it works. Here's to a pain free future for us both :cross:
Congratulations on your loss so far :) I hope you get all the support you need from this forum - I'm finding it brilliant x
I'm sort of worried about telling people too- know what you mean. Got one good friend who knows all about it and my mum. Otherwise I've just said I'm on a diet. Told another friend a while ago I was thinking of going on LL and as she's lost loads of weight on slimming world she thinks it's easy and told me I should just stick with that but 5 days in and I think I made the right decision for me not her but me. If it's right for you you'll know- stick with it and prove them wrong! That's what I'm thinking :)


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If it is working for you pffft to every one else. Down with the nay sayers !


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ps I love slimming world but just couldn't shift the weight on it.
Clara - yes, I'm going it alone. To have the packs posted out here is absolutely extortionate but I have some very kind friends here who bring out a month at a time for me when they go home. I would normally have gone home at least 3 times this year but my daughter is getting married in October and so money is a very valuable commodity at the moment (!!) and trips to the UK are a little too expensive (hiring a car, taking people out for meals etc - as well as the flights!). My LLC is fabulous and is very supportive when I e-mail her but, by coming on this forum, I feel as if I'm in a group and that, I think, is the most important thing.
Annie - stick with it! It really, really works and the 'head stuff' you learn in group is fabulous.
I guess the last 2 weeks have been fairly easy for me because the salon has been really, really busy, I've been working 12 hours a day and I just haven't had time to think about food. Now, with lots of people having gone home to UK for the Easter holidays, I find myself with time on my hands and guess what? - food on my mind!

I think we can safely say I'm a 'boredom eater'. I won't, of course - I'm determined to stay abstinent - but I think I had better go and find something to do asap!
I'm so positive about it working at the moment that I don't think anyone could sway me I guess if you're going to great lengths to get the foodpacks that just proves how confident you are in the diet too! A month from now how much will we all have lost? Enough to be happy about I'm sure!! :)
I guess if you're going to great lengths to get the foodpacks that just proves how confident you are in the diet too!
I KNOW this diet works! My hubby's auntie - a diabetic - lost 10 stone on it 2 years ago and she's kept it all off. She's now on 1/4 of the medication she was on before, too!

I lost 5 stone and, the way I was looking at it, I regained 3 stone. But all the lovely ladies on here have pointed out that, actually, I kept 2 stone off! Half full, not half empty, eh?

I think the thing we all have to remember is that RTM is a very, very important part of this diet. Losing it is easy (haha!) - it's the maintaining which is the REAL battle!


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Hey lovely, I too like you am a boredom eater! If I am busy food goes not enter my head.

I am glad you find the forum a source of support and inspiration. Look forward to hearing how you get on xx

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Certainly not tempted by food at the moment. Not feeling well and, happily (crazy thinking here!) it is accompanied by nausea. I can't face shakes or soups, either. Just hope I don't crave food when I feel better!!

Hope everyone's doing well - I love to keep reading all these motivational posts!!
Hey there Karen, sorry to hear ur not feeling great, it does happen in the first few days, i know i didnt feel great .... ur tastes may change over the weeks and things you might not be able to stomach now you may find you want to try in a few weeks time :) x
Thank you for your kind words, Gembritney. I'm sure it's not the usual LL 'off-colour' feeling. I've had a horrid headache for a full week, along with nausea, pains in the top of my tum, dizziness and tinnitus. Doc said it was a problem in my inner ear and gave me some drugs but it's got worse, not better. Feeling VERY sorry for myself!! Didn't have any of this last time I did LL so it must be a bug or something. Oh woe is me!
Guess I'm going back to docs tomorrow. Our weekend here is Thursday/Friday so can't really go today which means I'll have another day of feeling incredibly sorry for myself ;)

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