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Giving up.

I'm giving up. :wave_cry:
Well kinda.
Think I'm going to stop going to class but try and stay on plan.
I've been seriously stuck and haven't lost any weight since beginning of march, well I've lost then gained, then lost then gained etc etc. :(
I really can't justify spending £5 a week just to weigh in to be stuck at the same weight.
Seems the novelty and shame of gaining when weighing in has worn off.
I don't know why I don't stick to plan. I know it works, I've lost nearly 2 stone so it works but I just keep going off plan. I think weekends are my main downfall. Find them hard to plan as often don't know what I'm upto and end up on impromptu days out. :break_diet:
So any slaps, hints, tips about getting back on plan and going alone.
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I used to go to class but now use the on line sw. I am just like you-always off track on the weekend. My old consultant suggested I use syns on a aweekly basis to counteract this. I deduct them daily from a aweekly total but keep most of them for the weekend to limit the damage and give me something to look forward to. Others dont like it but it works for me. Good luck . Try to have lots and lots of superfree stuff to quench the craving. xx
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Keep at it! If you don't want to go to class i agree with managing your weightloss online and fill in your online food diaries.

Perhaps it would work better for you to use your syns at the weekend. You have to stay strong!
Thanks guys.
I will miss having access to the slimming world online as I won't have the password but I suppose I've always got you guys to bother with questions about syns!!
I just don't understand why I can't stick to it when I know it works and I don't have to be hungry and I hate how I look and I'm the only one who can do anything about it. :( I know I'm the only one who can do anything about it, and I'm sure the junk that I eat at weekends doesn't taste as good as looking good will feel. But I guess it just feels so far away as still have 5 stone to loose.
I don't know whether to send my consultant an email. I haven't really spoken to her about it, and was kinda hoping she'd pick up on fact I'm not really loosing but she hasn't. :(

Mr Gilbo

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All I have is a quote, and one that is meaning a lot to me at the moment. So much so I will be getting it tattooed on me very soon. It might not be to everyones taste. But....

"Why would you choose failure when success is an option?"

And for those that watch The Biggest Loser or her new show called Losing It. It's by that tough nut trainer Jillian Michaels.
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Why don't you try a different group. If your consultant isn't working out for you where it's all going wrong, then she's not up to much.
Please don't give up - we all need to stick together, but it sounds like you need some willpower too as you are already admitting to us on here where the problem lies. Try another group for a month or so. I stopped going once but I was just kidding myself I could do it alone - I couldn't
Best of luck, whatever you decide to do


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Why don't you have a word with your consultant that is what they are supposed to be there for and she may be able to give you some much needed moral support. Why don't you write down all of your feelings about losing weight and following the plan. the pros and the negatives etc. It might bring you back around to sticking to the plan a little more strictly.
Yeh I guess I could try another group.
Might have a look online and see what other groups are about. Trouble is I'm limited when I can go by my work hours.
I'm sure my consultant would have been helpful if I'd asked her but I haven't, I guess I was hoping she'd notice and come to me. Trouble is last few weeks there's always someone new so she's doing the new talk with them, and I haven't been able to stay until the end.
I'm just quite short of money at the moment, and will be until August when I can start doing paid work again (am a nursing student so currently on full time placement, savings are running out.)
I know I need some will power. I need to take control and stop blaming my OH too (just cos he has something naughty doesn't mean I have to!).


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The title of your thread made me so sad because the one thing you're not doing is giving up!

So, you're having to make a few adjustments because of external circumstances (and finances is a valid reason, it hits us all from time to time), which means that a weekly class won't necessarily be all that viable for you--at least for a little while. But you need to re-frame what you're doing and while you're telling yourself that you're "giving up", even if the only thing you're giving up is going to a physical class, then your mindset will be one of resignation and failure.

So, tell yourself instead that you're just making some scheduling adjustments. Use the time when you would have been at a meeting to do something totally you-centred--take a long, bubbly bath, watch a film that only you want to watch, create a new SW recipe from scratch, or even (gasp) do a little exercise. If you really were giving up, you wouldn't be posting here--what I see instead is someone that just needs an extra bit of support right now, an extra shoulder or two to lean on, and you'll find that right here.

If you haven't got one already, start a diary, and update it as often as you can. When I'm being good and diligent, I keep a MiniMins window open all the time on my laptop--even if I'm not reading or updating it, just seeing it on my laptop gives me an extra boost.

Good luck, your weight loss has been magnificent, keep at it!!!
Thank you Sally.
I am feeling fed up. I'm feeling like if being this big upsets me so much why can't I do something about it.
I started a food diary on here but struggle to get on everyday. Some days I'm on placement until 6pm then have reading work to do in the evening. Maybe I should start just a diary about what I'm eating/how i'm feeling not a specific food diary?
Think I'm going to send my consultant an email to let her know and see what she says.


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The diary keeping is a great idea, and I'd definitely agree that keeping track of your feelings can be incredibly valuable. I know that when I'm having a rough time with something, if I write down my thoughts it helps me work through them and what seemed a problem at the start doesn't seem quite so bad afterwards.

I can totally understand where you're coming from with your consultant. In general, I want people to know without me telling them that I need something--whatever that is. I HATE asking for help and would rather do without than ask someone. But that's what she's there for and it's amazing how, when we reach out and ask for help, people are incredibly giving and supportive. I bet if you do email her, she'll be wonderful--and I'm sure her not having already offered extra support is simply down to the fact that she has lots of people to manage. My partner loves the saying "the crying baby gets the spoon" and I realize that quite often I'm the quiet baby that gets overlooked. So, nowadays, I try to allow myself be the crying baby when I need to be.

Good luck, whatever you decide.


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It might help to look at this as a journey to change your life, rather than a 'diet to fix a weight problem'. The journey can be long and trying at times - nobody gets it all right first time hon, really. People fall down along the way, feel like they're never going to get there etc, but it's what you do about the falling down that matters. You don't have to stay down. You have the option to pick yourself back up and carry on when you feel ready. This is how people eventually change their lives.

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