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  1. jenmal

    jenmal Member


    Just wondering are there many people on here from Glasgow?

    Jen x
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  3. claireb10

    claireb10 Full Member

  4. jenmal

    jenmal Member

    Hi Claire,

    Wonder if there are many more from Glasgow on here? Where abouts are you from? I'm in the west end x
  5. claireb10

    claireb10 Full Member

    I'm pretty sure there is a few but maybe they just haven't seen your post. I'm in the east end (but a nice part lol) x
  6. teetiefunk

    teetiefunk Gold Member

    im just outside edin x
  7. time2go

    time2go Gold Member

    Ayrshire for me x
  8. tazbabe

    tazbabe Gold Member

    ayrshire for me too
  9. *Sparkles*

    *Sparkles* **2015 is my Year!**

    I'm in Glasgow ! :)
  10. Lynds1980

    Lynds1980 Member

    In just outside Glasgow :)
    Anyone know of any good gyms that are more friendly towards those actually trying to lose weight and not too expensive too...
  11. Petrichor

    Petrichor Member

    Im also in Glasgow :)

    Just joined this a few weeks ago , how is everyone on?
  12. jc1976

    jc1976 Silver Member

    I'm Glasgow too
  13. Petrichor

    Petrichor Member

    helloooo Joanne :D
  14. jc1976

    jc1976 Silver Member

    Hi petrichor x
  15. purpleboots

    purpleboots Full Member

    I'm near Glasgow too :)
  16. jc1976

    jc1976 Silver Member

    Whereabouts? X

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  17. purpleboots

    purpleboots Full Member

    Uddingston, you?
  18. jc1976

    jc1976 Silver Member

    Kirkintilloch x

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  19. KirstinJ

    KirstinJ New Member

    DW's good for it. Everyone's accepted there, regardless of size etc.
  20. *Sparkles*

    *Sparkles* **2015 is my Year!**

    I've just joined Dw so glad to hear its good!
  21. Cacee

    Cacee Full Member

    Hi, I'm from Glasgow too. Can you tell me what DW's is. Thank you.

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