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god I need help!!!


Laugh, love, live!
I've been doing the CD since March and initially was doing very well, but for the last three months I have lost it. I don't know why I just can't stop eating crap. I really want/need to do this for myself and am going to ask my CDC if I can be weighed every three days as a week seems impossible for me at the moment. Anyone else struggling? x:wave_cry:
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I have never done the Cambridge Diet, but I do know from past exerience that I eat crap when I am stressed or tired. Have you been under lots of stress lately? Eating the wrong food is a habit I have certainly fallen into the last few months. I eat rubbish and then feel guilty for eating rubbish - so I eat some more to feel better, of course afterwards I feel even worse.


One day at a time!
Hi Wabbit, I'm struggling too, you are not alone! I was doing quite well until I had some holidays in August and September and I'm now finding it really hard to get back on track - esp as I have another week away later this month.

You have done really, really well so far and could do even better - let's make a really determined effort to move forward and get to goal before Xmas - it's do-able, we just need to focus. I think it's a great idea being weighed more often as a loss just gives you a bit of motivation doesn't it? Good luck - you are still here and still want to lose more, that shows you are determined to reach goal:)
Agree about being weighed more :)

I was every two weeks but gone back to weekly now as losing the will to live at no weight loss the last two weeks and not cheated!!!! ( I lie I've now lost 3 pound LOL but you get me drift )

Good luck and hang in there x


Laugh, love, live!
Thanks girlies, your replies have made me feel a little better, not so much of a failure. I am seeing my CDC today so will discuss things with her. I think I will draw a line under this and consider this a fresh start heading towards christmas! x


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Hi Wrabbitt know exactly how you feel, I hvae been struggling for months now, I keep trying, but only last a couple of days, but I am determined to carry on trying I will not give up, if I could just do a week I know I could get back on track.

minxie, its the holidays for me as well, and I've also got a weekend away at the end of the month!!!


Laugh, love, live!
ok, I have been tto see my CDC, had a good chat with her, she is lovely :). Anyway, I am going to see her again on Wednesday for another weigh in. gonna take this one day at a time. Will phone her if I feel I am getting into trouble. Feeling a lot more positive now. I think this will work for me if I am not looking at a week at a time but just a day at a time. xxx
Wabbitt love your avatar. Are the buns yours? I cant post up an avatar yet as not enough posts but will put pic of mine when I can.

You have done really well with all the weight you have lost so far. It must be very difficult to keep the momentum going. A fresh start is a good idea With Christmas not far away thats good motivation for us all. I have just started this week myself and am looking to ss until christmas.


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Wabbitt, remember you from earlier in the year, you have done so well hun, and you CAN get all the way to goal. I have just come out of two months of awful binges, which was scary but taught me some difficult stuff as well. I don't think any of us find this an easy journey, but if we are determined we keep trying and will get there in the end! I remember your positive outlook and motivation... I think if you can build a few days of 100% you will edge back into your 'zone' and find CD stops being such a nightmare. You CAN do it, and one day at a time is the way to go.

Hi wabbit

Firstly, well done on everything that you have achieved so far.

I would agree with minxie about the pre- Christmas goal; I have spent too many Christmas and New Years wishing I was slim, sometimes it might have been a stone or two overweight but I could never enjoy that great buzz of knowing that I looked my very best/most glamorous at parties and other celebrations.

Use this site to help with motivation and try any other tactic that you think could help, new outfit or existing special dress could be prominently displayed in the wardrobe, writing down goals, as katycakes says...one day at a time

Good Luck, look forward to hearing all about your future success on minimins!

btw, visited a rabbit tent at the Hampshire county show this summer, never knew I was such a bunny fan but have a maisonette with shared garden so don't think I could keep as pet at the momment

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