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Going At It Alone...

Well I've started SW about 3/4 times now and each time, I get to that 1st off, but then go off the rails!

I'm going to New York + Vegas in 4 weeks, so thought I best do something...quick!

Started SW on my own this week, without going to the classes and have found this site a massive help as I don't have access to the SW website itself.

I work shifts at work, so would really appreciate if anyone could help me with some hints and tips or easy meal ideas.


Here is my meals so far this week:

Monday - Green Day
- 2x apple, kiwi & strawberry fresh fruit pots (from Boots)
- 1x low fat vanilla yogurt (Shapers from Boots)
- Tomato & Herb Pasta'n'Sauce
- Diet Coke
- Diet Lemonade
- 12x Wholegrain Ryvita (2 Hb's)

Tuesday - Xtra Easy Day
- Strawberries
- Cherry tomatoes
- Tomato & Herb Mug Shot
- Tuna pasta with 3x babybel light grated over (1 Ha)
- Diet Coke
- Diet Lemonade

Wednesday - Xtra Easy Day
- Strawberries
- Tomato & Herb Mug Shot
- Chicken breast (grilled on George Forman)
- Batchelors Beef savoury rice
- 1x beef oxo cube
- 3x babybel light (1 Ha)
- Diet Coke
- Diet Lemonade

Thursday - Xtra Easy Day
- Tomato & Herb Mug Shot
- Diet Coke
- For tea, I'm planning on making SW Spag Bol (syn free)


Seems to be going well, but really need some help as I feel I'm eating the same things over and over...which is why I got bored last time I followed the plan.​
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I've never really tried any other diets, but this one, I know I can do - I've done it before. It's just sticking to it thats the hard thing... :cry:
mjmummy said:
i am to going it alone, this is my second weel. last week i lost 2.5lb lets hope i can keep it up.
Good luck
Thanks alot!! I need all the help I can get!! My boyfriend is like a rake and it's not easy haha!
Is that enough food? I'd be starving if that was all I had in a day!

Also, you don't seem to be having all your healthy extras each day!

Red & green- 1 or 2 HExAs 2 HExBs
EE- One of each
Yeah I agree it doesn't look like enough food. Be careful or your body will go into starvation mode and start hanging on to fat and you won't lose anything. I'd up your amounts of free food.
I'm saving my syns to use them at the weekend for a treat and to be honest, I've been fine without my syns. If I have a little bit, I will want more!!

In regards to not eating enough...well to be honest, I don't really have time due to my job, but I've been to asda tonight and stocked up on alpen light bars and fruit!!!

Just hope the rest of the family don't get their hands on them!!
Well whatever works for you I guess. I'd just be a bit worried that for the most part you're only actually eating one proper meal a day and the rest of the time you just eat fruit and drink diet drinks. You may lose weight but I don't think it's very healthy to only eat one meal a day. It's not really Slimming World, more of a low calorie diet. X


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You rely a lot on processed food which isn't as healthy as sw is designed to be. Why not take a look at the recipe section to see what you could make to up your veg and nutritional intake. If you could replace your diet drinks with water, nas squash or green tea, even better!

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