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Going it alone!!

I did Slimming World last year until around September as the times of the group in my area just didn't suit. So i'm trying to be strong and going it alone!! :confused: Needless to say i am nervous about beginning to follow SW again without the group..

However trying to be positive and focus in on the one thing i want more than anything to lose 2 stone!!

Has anyone else followed SW without anttending groups and been successful??
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why are the groups no good for you?
to early? too late? wrong days etc?

have you checked on the website to see if there are other groups at different times and locations?

failing all of that, might be worth a word to one of the local C's about possibly starting another group that's convenient.. might be a lot more that prefer your slot...


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Hey i'm going to be doing it alone too as i don't like my group x I have restarted today after a couple of weeks off sw. Hopefully i wil stay focused with the support of the website and my husband xx
I live in quite a rural area so we have it once a week, and due to my work and different shifts i haven't really been successful at attending. Tried to discuss different time with previous leader but was told there was no demand for another time.. :(

but I am determined once again .. so with a new year i have renewed hope that I will get the 2 stone off before summer..
Good luck Safia, i believe that without the fear of the not attending a group and condeming ourselves to failure before we have began, we can do it!! :)
I think as long as you understand the basics of SW, with all the support on here, you'll be fine. I go to group myself, but that's more to do with the fact I only moved to Essex 6 months ago so it's good to meet people. But there are plenty of people on here that do it on their own so you should always be able to find out all the info you need.

Good luck! xxx
Hi Toocurvy

I don't go to group. If you are motivated enough you will stay on track. I weigh on a Sunday and we have a great, supportive, group here of Sunday weighers. We all weigh at home so have something in common. Join us if you would like to make that your weigh day :)
I'm really really glad i joined this forum thanks everyone for their kinds words and support.
I think i would like that silly sausage what do i need to do? my first time being on this forum so still trying to figure out the inner workings.lol :)
hi toocurvy i am doing it alone i was going to class but it was awkward to get to, there is a class a few mins from my house but wasn't over keen on the consultant so left, there is a lot of support on minimins so you should be ok. good luck
Ive been doing it alone and ive lost 30lbs since the start of september :)

I bought some books and the basic instructions off ebay (some ppl photocopy there packs from class and sell them on ebay for a couple of quid!) And then came on here...its an absolute lifeline!!

I weigh myself every monday and so far ive stuck to it well except for a little blip on new years eve and xmas day :)

Good luck! xxx
I'm to going it alone as of today. I joined a group last year and to be really honest I didn't like it one bit, I thought the leader came across as she really couldn't be bothered and I ended up going just to collect all the books I needed to get my head around the diet. I do love the sw diet tho and after a stone loss before Christmas and then a few weeks off I'm excited to be back on it today and happy not to have to attend class!!

Good luck to u and hope to see u round here xx
I'm really really glad i joined this forum thanks everyone for their kinds words and support.
I think i would like that silly sausage what do i need to do? my first time being on this forum so still trying to figure out the inner workings.lol :)
This is the link to the Sunday weighers thread. You will be made very welcome. We don't bite...much.


We just weigh on a Sunday morning and report our results on the thread. We post midweek too for a bit of support and gossip.

We have a mini challenge at the moment to stay 100% every day for the whole of January. There are no weight targets, just a wee challenge to help focus after the holidays. It is not compulsory.
Oh my word i will be joining you going it alone for the time being. Likewise there are no classes near me late enough by the time i get home from work!
I am always in this position at the start of every year, promising this will be the year i lose the weight! bah! I AM DOING IT THIS TIME I MEAN IT!!!!!!



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I'm going it alone too. I swear this forum is amazing! I've only been posting for 4 days and I love it, the support is amazing and imo much better than group as it's accessible 24/7.
I go it alone too. I do make sure I tell someone my weekly result so I have someone "to answer to". So my mum gets a text every monday morning and then I always take part in a challenge on here which helps keep me on track.

If you are in the right frame of mind it can be done. Some people swear by group but its just not for me and I get on fine without it

Good luck
hey everyone. im going it alone aswell. joined sw last year n lost nearly 3 stone. stopped going just before my holiday in august as my consultant left n didnt like the new one much. all i used to do tho was get weighed and leave as staying for group wasnt for me. only put on a few lb since then so i think once you have the basics of slimming world they are with you for good. given myself a kick up the bum and am gettin bak on track tho as i have just over a stone n half 2 lose b4 may. good luck to everyone who is goin it alone tho with the support on here i dont think it will feel like ur doing it on ur own :) x


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I tried it on my own, but I lack the moral fibre to do it! I need to go to class, and stay to the talk.

Good luck!
hi all i find i get more support on here than i did by going to group i felt pressured in class like i wasn't allowed to stay the same weight or put weight on (if u know what i mean i haven't explained myself very well)
good luck to everyone :)
im going it alone too i think this site is really helpful and if u just buy a few books to help with ur syns. I work shifts and the class i went to was ok but im finding more inspiration using this site its a total lifeline and really motivating. xx
im going it alone too, my group isnt a very convenient time. me and my partner are doing the diet together which makes it alot easier. 2 other girls at work are on diets too so were all supporting each other.
good luck with your weight loss journey x
Hi, I have started again today and I'm going it alone. I am hoping that with the support from here I should't be too bad. I now have access to the site on my phone so will be able to se the site a lot more and I intend on keeping my diary up to date on here also. I weighed myself tonight and I am 11 stone 8. I want to get to 10 stone at least. So a Tuesday is gonna be my weigh in day. X

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