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Going out for an Indian Tonight HELP!

Stay clear of anything that is cooked in ghee (butter). I have found that the lowest syn dish in an indian is chicken dhansak (6.5 syns on a EE day) and although has lentils in it, its delicious. If you have plain rice - free on an EE day, you are laughing!
Poppadoms are something like 5.5 syns each and raita(sp?) is 1 syn a tbsp.

Hope this helps?


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I don't do EE, but it's the way to go for Indian food!

As Mrs V said, stock up with boiled rice and stick to dishes without cream in (if they have some out).

What gets me is my love for poppadoms and naan bread...eeesh...but it's possible to go and enjoy it wihtout going too OTT.

Hope you have funx


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must admit, i'm the same as you, naan bread and poppodoms are my weakness, i could eat just them every day, the times i've been for a take-away and just got that haha. xx


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Best of luck to you and congratulations on choosing to stick to plan at the indian, but I would personally have a night off plan entirely (or flexi-synning as others like to call it lol).

If I knew it was coming up, I would have minimum 5 syns on the few days running up to it, and have a syn free day on the actual day.

The next day I would just draw a line under it, go back to normal plan mode.

It is only one meal in your week, out of 21, and in my opinion with things like this it is just better to plan around it but enjoy the night as you should.
im going for an indian on Friday - ive checked the book and a Lamb Rogan Josh is 6.5 so im gonna have that and pilau rice - hopefully nobody will notice that ive not had a naan bread!

will have to have a vodka or two so im gonna have 2 days of syns that day - and be syn free another day!!!

i love this 'diet' xxx
I'm going out for an Indian on Wednesday for my birthday. Thinking of chicken tikka, salad, boiled rice and a poppadom - yummy!!
I went to an Indian last night for my birthday & had veggie samosas, paneer with pilau & falooq (a milk based desert), I've not worked out the syns yet, but think I've eaten a whole week in one night, + 3 large glasses of wine.

Hey but just enjoy yourself life's for living :D, but if you do want to be good stick to a tomato base curry.
Tandoori Chicken and Aloo Tikka are also good choices. Just imagine in my house I have to make curry/chapatis almost every day for my OH and kids so it is quite a temptation!
Is it only boiled rice that is free? Guessing Pilau rice will have syns!
Hi, it is 2 1/2 syns for an average sized portion of pilau rice on GREEN and EXTRA EASY. 9 syns on RED, Chicken Dhansak is 6 1/2 syns on RED/EXTRA EASY, 18 1/2 on GREEN, Chicken Jalfrezi 8 1/2 syns on RED/EXTRA EASY, 18 1/2 on GREEN, Tandoori Chicken is 9 syns on RED/EXTRA EASY, 21 syns on GREEN. And just in case you were tempted with naan bread thought I'd let you know it is 20 syns on all plans. 4 syns for poppadoms, 7 1/2 syns for 2 small vegetable samosas and onion bhajis are a whopping 8 1/2 each. :devilangel:
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This is a great thread as I am going for an Indian with some girl friends next Friday.

I dont eat chicken , and I love all the creamy sauces and naan.
I am guessing I should stick to Tandoori Prawn or Prawn dhansak? I have never had either before though

Here is the menu link (there are 3 pages)



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I often have chikken tikka to start and then have tandoori grill to follow - should be pretty low in syns as basically just marinated meat without any creamy sauce - and its gorgeous!


lorraineA said:
I often have chikken tikka to start and then have tandoori grill to follow - should be pretty low in syns as basically just marinated meat without any creamy sauce - and its gorgeous!
Won't be having a starter- just main. My problem is that I have only ever tasted creamy sauces , so at a loss really- will be an experiment lol.


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In that case I would recommend you have a lamb rogan Josh! It's one of the lower in syns and it's scrummy!

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