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Going swimming for the first time in years...

Hi all, havent been swimming for around 10 years but decided lately that it would be good to go again and get some exercise, so i went and bought a new pair of trunks and i should be going tomorrow. Just one catch though. I am petrified!

I remember very clearly what made me stop going in the first place and that was because i got some comments about my weight whilst in the pool. I was about 15 at the time and a couple of stone overweight and...well lets just say teenagers can be cruel. Anyway, im still a couple of stone overweight but have lost 9 stone over the last year, so want to treat myself with a nice relaxing swim to get back into things. Sounds great but i am dreading exposing my topless body to the world for all to see, especially since the pool i will be going to has a lovely glass walled gym above enabling all the fit people to look down and spy on the swimmers. :D The walk from the changing area to the pool is what i dread the most. To make matters worse it is school holidays here so will be full of kids and teenagers.

Guess im just writing this to vent a bit and see if anyone else has been in a similar situation.
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How many blokes out there are more than 2st overweight - loads! so you certainly won't be alone.

2 stone overweight wont hardly be noticed - honestly, you see all shapes and sizes in the pool and most people just think "good on you" for getting out and getting some exercise.

If you are really nervous (which I don't think you need to be) then choose your times wisely as the previous poster says and maybe go early in the morning or an adult only session - most pools do them.

Good luck and have a wonderful swim.
Thanks for the replies, and sorry for the delay in my own one. Only just managed to get to the pool yesterday but i managed to go at the right time and there was hardly anyone there. I did realise however just how badly unfit i am and also that i had somewhat forgotten how to swim lol. I did enough to reach the end of the pool each time but im pretty sure youre not meant to splash yourself in the face so much when youre doing the front crawl. :D But i did it anyway and i felt really good after. Hope to make it a weekly thing and add a couple extra lengths each week.
thats all i did, started off with 6 am up to around 48 now. small steps and its amazing how quickly it will come back. keep going
good for you on getting yourself there. have you been back.

did laugh at the splashing bit - I can't do front crawl for my life - and my kids laugh when I do breast stroke as I wont get my hair wet...like a right old fogey.

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