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Going to give it a go, excited!


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Well i've made up my mind and i'm going to give the diet chef a go. I talked everything over with dh last night and he said he would much prefer me to be on diet chef as he thinks not eating at all on Cambridge is really unhealthy. I explained my worries to him about not being able to control myself once I start eating again and that the strictness of Cambridge keeps me away from food. Dh said he thinks diet chef is a better option as it will teach me how to eat properly rather than stopping eating altogether and then having to go back on to food myself again without any "training" on how to eat.

Anyways - I will run out of CD products on Wed/Thurs so would I be best ordering diet chef today to make sure it's in on time?

Do you recommend me ordering a weeks worth to see if I like it or going straight in for the £190 for 5wks as that would be more financially viable?

Is there any foods I shoud totally steer clear of that nobody seems to like? I know everyones tastes are so different but wondered if there's anything in particular that tends to be universally loathed lol!!!

Will I get a leaflet telling me how to make up the calories ect? If I am out at the weekend can I afford to have a drink? I drink vodka and diet coke normally.

Sorry for all the questions, just v. v. excited now lol!!
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Sorry Gill, but I'm a tad confused by your message.

Diet Chef may well be a better option for you, so not trying to persuade you otherwise, but I have to pick up on something before this message send around some strange rumours about Cambridge ;)

. Dh said he thinks diet chef is a better option as it will teach me how to eat properly rather than stopping eating altogether

If that was bothering you (and him), why did you pick the one option out of about 6 plans that didn't have food in it? Okay, to get away from the whole food thing, but then pick aother diet that has the whole food thing for that very reason.

and then having to go back on to food myself again without any "training" on how to eat
But Cambridge doesn't do that. Absolutely no way. You shouldn't ever go from SS to normal eating, there's various plans that people follow to do this 'training' as you call it. I assume your consultant explained all this.

Anyway, just had to add this as I hate rumours going around that Cambridge doesn't teach healthy eating, and that it's only shakes..no food. Very few on my clients do the no food option, and they will all do the healthy eating, low GI plans when they are closer to goal for 'training'.

I wish you all the best with Diet Chef. I really do. Hope lots reply with suggestions for you. Best of luck.


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Sorry I didn't mean to offend about Cambridge KD. I was just putting accross MY OWN experience of Cambridge, not what the diet is or isn't, and certainly not trying to spread rumours about the diet. I think Cambridge really can work for some people, just not me, not least because I have the willpower of a wet fish lol!

I appreciate that dh's opinions may not be correct or properly informed as he hasn't been on the diet before, therefore he is really a bystander watching me do the diet and forming his opinions on that. As far as he can see I am not eating (other than soups/shakes x 3 a day). It doesn't matter how I try to explain it to him, to him it is purely starvation and that's his opinion, which he is entitled to.

I didn't pick any of the other plans as the thought of being able to have a salad every day or 2tbs of veg with a bit of dry chicken or fish and some milk didn't appeal to me, not eating was more appealing for me than doing that. Diet chef appeals as the meals are ready for me, there is no choosing what to have or trying to think of what to make that will be allowed.

Again i'm sorry if you think I was trying to spread rumours about Cambridge but it's simply not true, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and all I was doing was trying to get some advice on another diet. Not trying to upset CD'ers.


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Not to worry Gillian. I know you didn't mean harm. It's just one of my sensitive points ;)

BTW cereal. fruits, yoghurt, eggs and even low fat crisps, hot cross buns, wine, oh and the odd Low GI ready meal are allowed on Cambridge, depending on the plan but I do get your point about not having to prepare these things. :)

Right, so getting back to diet chef :D Moving on very quickly before someone batters me :D

Enjoy :)


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lol, don't be daft I can understand why you would be sensitive about it! It gets me too whn people just rubbish the CD, it wasn't my intentions to do that.


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Hi there thought I would add my 2 cents, I agree with both of you, my hubby got the same opinion seeing me only eat soups and shakes, my turning point was my daughter whose 7 asked for her dinner tobe a soup, so i knew that it was having an effect on her. And my willpower is that of a slug!!!!

I find DC is good for me as now I sit with them and have food and also have vegetables so daughter is much happier now.

The weight loss with Cambridge was brilliant but am taking the slower route this time.;)

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