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Going to give it a go


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Hi all.

I just thought I'd say hi. I came back to minimins a few days and tried to SS for the last two days, but struggled. I've been reading about the JUDDD diet and it's really got me curious, so I'd like to give it a go. I've got three nights out over the next couple of weeks and quite a stressful time at work and college, so I need to be realistic - so JUDDDs sounds like the ideal way to exercise some control without straying far from the comfort and control of SS.

I'm quite looking forward to starting...the agreed date is Sunday. How are you all finding it? Can you give me any advice?

There are a few days when I need to do back to back Down days as there are two days between my nights out - is this OK?
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They say not to do 2 DDs in a row as your metabolism gets used to the low cals & you don't get the seesaw effect that the diet relies on. I would suggest one DD of approx 500 cals & one ID of approx 1,000 cals. (we've embraced "Intermediate" days of about 1,000 cals as quite often we want 3 UDs, 1 ID & 3DDs per week which allows us to keep the same days each week. i.e. I do aqua every Monday so Monday is always an UD for me etc.)
I'm very happy on this diet, I have lots of energy and don't feel deprived. Weight loss for me is about 1.5lbs a week, for just three days dieting because I have two UDs at the weekend.

Because you are eating different amounts the weight can fluctuate alarmingly. So don't get too disheartened if you are a scale-hopper like me, if you do this diet properly and don't eat yourslef to exhaustion on the UDs then you will lose overall, it just might not seem like it at times. We've all had OTT UDs, this is something you have to watch because the temptation to binge will still be there, try to be sensible allowing yourself proper meals plus some treats.

Do keep a diary, either on here or privately, then you can be honest about your intake.


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Good luck Lottie! Hope you enjoy the freedom of Juddding!


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Thanks Barb, day one went fine (SS), bit scared about embarking on my Up day, that no sure what to have...am so used to SS'ing !! I'm sure I'll cope though...just felt a pang of hunger.


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Just relax and enjoy, you have the freedom to eat what you want when you want so you can have what you really fancy not what you think you should have. Takes a while to adjust to but once you have it is brilliant.



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Just got to update...

Day 2 JUDDDing went fine yesterday, however things have changed slightly today and I think that I'll be able to revert back to SS'ing and have set myself a short term challenge. I certainly give JUDDD a try in the future, as I think that it's more of a realistic long term diet for me...so, I will be back!!

Thanks for the support I've received from fellow JUDDDers, good luck on your own journeys and I'll see you soon xx

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