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  1. Fedupwelshgirl

    Fedupwelshgirl Full Member

    Ive done sw a few years ago and decided i needed to go back but can't get to a group and the eating plan has changed since i last done it so just going to start eat healthy and hope that will give me the results i want. I anyone has any tips/advice please feel free to let me know ;)
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  3. Fedupwelshgirl

    Fedupwelshgirl Full Member

    Well this healthier eating seems alot less stressful this is my 1st day of just eating healthy and i think ive done ok.

    DAY 1

    B Porridge made with water
    S 1/2 Pineapple
    L Lamb Shank done in the slow cooker with 3 baby new potatoes,carrots,brocolli
    D Apple (not hungry after lunch

    3 Cups of coffee made with SS Milk,2 Glasses of water and 2 Glasses of sf squash
  4. Fedupwelshgirl

    Fedupwelshgirl Full Member

    Im really pleased with what ive eaten today. I think definately focusing on eating healthier is the way to go. the only thing that i can see being a problem is that im not drinking enough. if anyone can see other thing that can/should be different please let me know.

    DAY 2

    B Porridge made with water
    L Wholemeal Ham toastie with Philidelphia light soft cheese spread instead of butter
    D Batchelors lf thia sweet chilli supernoodles and stir fry veg (carrotts,red onion,cabbage,beansprouts)


    Mullerlight (toffee flavour)


    3 Cups of coffee made with ss milk
    2 Glasses of sf squash
    3 Glasses of water
  5. Fedupwelshgirl

    Fedupwelshgirl Full Member

    Having another good day today and ive drank more fluids

    B Porridge made with water
    S Apple
    L Mugshot and a mullerlight (vanilla flavour)
    D Jacket potato,1/2 tin of baked beans and 2 grilled sausages
    S Orange


    6 glasses of water
    1 glass of sf Squash
    1 can of diet coke
    1 cup of coffee made with ss milk
  6. Fedupwelshgirl

    Fedupwelshgirl Full Member

    Did'nt have the jacket potato ;)

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