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Going to have to say goodbye


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for a couple of months, I just can't afford to be on cd at the moment not with birthdays and that coming up. i am really gutted as i have been losing every week and i am so down because i have to stop. i am going to try and lose weight on my own but i know it's not going to be easy being that i will have to eat food. so if anyone know what diet is best to go on, please i would be most appreciated , i was thinking about the GI diet so if anyone have any information it would be most appricated.:cry:
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Not doing the diet anymore doesn't mean you have to say goodbye! I can't afford CD anymore either but I go barging into everyone's forums ... WW, SW, LL - I gatecrash them all :D

Low GI would be a good option - is there a Rosemary Conley class near you and if so, do you think you could stretch to the £5 or so for the classes? They do low fat, low GI and throw in an exercise class to boot. I did well on it years ago ... wish they had one near me but unfortunately they don't :(

Whatever you plan to do, keep posting because it's when you take your eye off the ball that things can go terribly wrong!


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Not doing the diet anymore doesn't mean you have to say goodbye! I can't afford CD anymore either but I go barging into everyone's forums ... WW, SW, LL - I gatecrash them all :D


LOL. i do that too. as a matter of fact, i never know which forum in barging into as I use the "new posts" link and just click on whatever!

following a different diet is no excuse to abandon us :) anyways...we can still support u on another diet and it might help u stay motivated. xxx

Mrs Roch

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Oh Nessa that's such a shame... I imagine you are feeling disappointed.

Please don't stop posting though as I've enjoyed talking to you. Posting may help you keep focused as well.

I did Atkins and had a good weightloss on it over a 4 month period. The book is very good guidance and I'm sure you could pick it up cheap nowadays.

Good luck.
Sorry to hear your news Nessa but try to stay postive. I agree with Hannah on possibly considering Atkins, although the principles are different it is a Ketogenic diet so you will be in Ketosis albeit via different methods. If you are a keen meat or egg eater it may well suit you.



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Thanks all of you, if it's ok i will keep posting as i think it will help me. i am really disappointed that i have to stop and am gutted that i wont be on the diet anymore. any advice would be great. thank you all of you for your continued support over the weeks.
Nessa, the girls are right and you should do well on low fat low gi, my cdc lent me a book called the low carb bible as i'm on the 1200 plan and i lost 6lbs this week eating 1200kcals a day so even if u cant do CD you can still make healthy choices and lose weight!!!

Huggles xx


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That's such a shame, but i'm sure that if you stay determined you will do well on whatever diet you decide to do. I've heard alot of good things about low GI :)

Good luck with whatever you decide :hug99:
Pleased you will not leave the forum......if anything you will need to post even more....!
Good luck hun, maybe keep a food diary on here so you can keep track, then if one week you have a good loss you can look back and see what you did that worked.
Nessa, that's such a shame hun, glad you're not leaving the forum though...As long as you make healthy food choices you will still lose weight, WW is a good one to do, you are getting a mix of all food types and you'll still lose weight. you can buy the books on Ebay, not sure of the price but will be much cheaper than CD.

I wish you luck hun, no matter what diet/plan you choose to follow. xxx


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Hi Nessa, just don't do what I did and think it is OK to eat everything that you haven't ate and then get back to dieting cos it doesn't work, keep the focus and find a plan that works for you... WW is a good one or the GI food plan, I was going to do SW but I don't think all the carbs suited me..Stay on here for support, there is always someone doing one of the diets or someone that can answer the questions for you.. Just keep in mind that you can do it...Love

If you want to continue to lose weight quickly The Scarsdale Diet is a good one.

It is a two week on two week off programme (second two weeks are less stringent than the first two) and I can vouch for the fact that it works.

Most bookshops carry a copy of the diet book but if you go onto Google or one of the other search engines and type in Scarsdale Diet you will find a copy of the two week programme.

Best of luck with whatever you decide.