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ProPoints Going to try weight watchers!! Time to get serious!

Hi everyone!

Well I have been on Slimming world since June and I managed to lose 17lbs, then went on holiday to Corfu and put back on 7l! Oops!!

So current weight loss is 10.5 lbs. Not great.

I used to do weight watchers and I lost 3 stone doing it, so I am jumping ship from slimming world and coming back to ww!!

I have a new ticker, I have taken my stone sticker off and I am starting again!

I have the online 3 month membership, a calculator on my phone and I am going to order the shop book from the website I think.

My first mini goal on weight watchers is to lose 10lbs by xmas which would take me under my next stone bracket and be a great start. Only 2lbs a week so a steady lose would be great.

According to the website I am allowed 39 pro points a day.

So this is my new diary, please read and scrutinise my pointing and shout out if I am going wrong! I love all the support on this website, it's the only place I can come and feel I can do it.

A bit about me, my name is Claire by the way, 25, living in Lincoln. Been heavy all my life and now just desperately want to stop feeling so depressed.. it's getting to the point where I don't want to go out because I feel so horrible in clothes. I would love to wear some lovely clothes and feel nice. So that's my goal :)

Claire xx
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So first days food!
Sunday 21/11/10

Pro point allowance: 39
Weekly allowance: 49

2 Tesco granary bread 5pp
2 teaspoon low fat spread 1 pp
2 teaspoon damson jam 3 pp

30g Bowl cheerios 3pp
1/4 pint milk 2 pp
3 mouthfuls of a steak pie! 2 pp

Chicken 6 pp
4 bisto yorkshires 4 pp (OH managed to take whole bag out and defrost!
Mash potato 4 pp
Carrots, green beans and brocolli - 0pp
Gravy - 2 pp

During the day

1/4 pint milk for tea - 2 pp
1 thorntons mini shortcake- 3 pp

Total points used: 38
Weekly allowance left: 49
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good luck with the Pro points Claire - im opposite to you - ive lost some with WW (Discover though..) and have now moved over to SW..

will pop in and keep up with how you're doing though, even if i cant help much with the PP if thats okay :) xxx
Hi Rachel!

Yes that would be lovely :) Thank you, always nice to have someone watching over things!

Good Luck with slimming world, sometimes a change is good, I don't see any problem with trying different plans, sometimes i think the change of a new plan helps because you are excited about learning it and you try that extra bit harder!!

So good luck to us both!!

I see you are from Newcastle, we just moved from Newcastle in March!

Do you keep a food diary?

Claire xx
yeah i write a paper one out and i just list my food in my regular talk about any old rubbish diary which is still in the WW section as i'm settled here :)

and yeah, well technically im in Chopwell in Gateshead, but close enough to Newcastle.. :)

how come you moved then? work? x
Hello :wavey:

Rachael- Yeah we did move because of work. My partner was made redundant and managed to get a good position at Lincoln police so we upped sticks and took the plunge!

Food for Monday 22/11/10

2 crumpets 5 pp
low fat marg 1 pp
Jam 1pp
Total: 7

ww wrap 3 pp
Chicken 3 pp
Salad-lettuce, tomato, cucumber
Extra light mayo- 1 pp
Muller light 2 pp
Strawberry, grapes and a banana
Total: 9

Tea- we made spring rolls!
2 sheets Filo pastry- 2 pp
Pork- 7 pp
carrot, spring onion, bean sprouts, red pepper
aunt bessies chips- 7 pp
Oil- 6 (I am not sure how to point this, as we kind of shallow fried them?
Total: 22

Alpen light bar 2 pp
Milk for tea -2 pp
Total: 4

Total for the day: 42
Weekly allowance used:3

Weekly allowance left: 37
howre you finding it? was he with the police up here then or did he go a completely different job route? x
Hey hun :)

He is police staff, he is a high tech forensic investigator. He worked for an independent company in Sunderland before and they closed down. He had worked for the police briefly so we applied all over the country and Lincoln was the first place that came up! It was like 6 weeks from being made redundant to moving, it was a big change and a bit of a shock leaving our life behind, but one of the best decisions we have made I think :)

I found your diary last night, I saw you recently got engaged! Congratulations :)

Weight watchers is going ok. I think on slimming world you can eat more- but more restricted as the syns don't go far. With the points at least you can have what you want, it's a bit easier for a busy lifestyle I think. Although the points soon go don't they! Which do you prefer?

How much more do you want to lose? You have done really well so far! I have about 4.5 stones to go :( Christmas is the worst time to try and diet!

ah really? my fiancé did his degree in computer forensics but the jobs are few and far between - he works in sunderland for the royal hospital now as an IT project manager for maternity..

not what he originally wanted but hes happy and it pays for his newcastle season ticket LOL :p

we've got about the same to lose - you've got about 10lbs more than me i think - though i'll be happy to hit under 14st for xmas as its a nightmare - totally agree with you.. worst time to diet. I'm out pretty much every weekend until xmas now :(

also agree WW was loooooooads simpler for a busy lifestyle but ive done it so long i've lost the umph.. might go back to it eventually but SW is okay for now.. i love EE days.. dont think i'll ever go onto red and green!

whens your first WI? i'm looking forward to seeing how you do with the PP :) xxx
Hello! :wavey:

Food for Tuesday 23/11/10

2 crumpets 5pp
Low fat spread 1pp
Jam 1pp

Wholemeal pasta in sauce 10pp
3 slices chicken 3pp
peppers, carrot and beansrouts 0 pp
Muller light 2pp
Strawberry, grapes and a banana 0pp

3 egg omlette 5 pp
1 slice ham 1pp
1 slice chicken 1pp
1 light babybel 1pp
1 granary bread 2 pp

1/4 milk for tea - 2 pp

Total pp: 34

Weekly allowance left: 37
Hi claire well done on ww'ering.
I started near same weight as you I was 242lbs but short lol
I'm now 186.5 lost 4 stone since march 1st.

Good luck Hun make the most of the daily points I'm on 29 and it's quiet hard considering I've 50lbs to go !

Here's to a good 1st week for you xx

Size 102b- Congratulations on the weight loss so far!! That's given me hope :) You are looking fabulous :)

Yes 39 is good, I am worried about them going down- lol 29 would be really hard to stick too!

How are you getting on with pro points? Do you go to class? I am using the online esource which is ok- but I worry about how accurate it is sometimes!!

Well food for today Wednesday 24/11/10

2 Crumpets 5pp
Low fat spread 1pp
Jam 1pp
Total : 7

3 chocolate weetabix- 5pp
1/2 pint semi skimmed milk 4pp
Banana and an apple
Total: 9

Special Chow Mein- 9pp
3 prawn toast 3 pp
3 mini spring roll 5pp
Total: 17

Light alpen bar 2pp
Milk in tea/coffee 2pp
Total: 4

Total pp for the day: 37pp but going to allocate the extra 2 towards the chinese as hard to believe those pp are right!

Weekly allowance left: 37
Hi everyone,

Well I chose Friday as my weigh day so after starting on Sunday I have lost.... nothing! LOL ah well only 5 days, so a full week this week and see what happens although not hopeful as got a couple of nights out planned.


Food for Thursday 25/11/10

2 crumpets pp
Butter and jam 2pp
Total 7

3 slices small loaf hovis 3pp
Ham 1pp
1 Laughing cow 1pp
Walkers squares- 3pp
Muller light 2pp
Total 12

Mince 7pp
60g pasta 6pp
Cheese 5pp
Total 18

1/4 Milk 2pp
2 biscuits 7pp
Total 9

Total pp used: 46
Weekly allowance used 7
Friday 26/11/10

New allowance starts today so 49 weekly and 39pp per day.

3 crumpets 7pp
Jam and butter 2pp
Total 9

Left over pasta and mince 13pp
Muller light 2pp
Total 15

1/2 Dr Oetker Pizza 10pp
10 dough balls 13pp
Popcorn chicken 9pp
1 tesco chocolate cookie 6pp
Total 38

Total for the day: 62! oops
Weekly allowance used: 23

Weekly allowance left: 26

Had a film night with my boyfriend and we had some pickies, naughty as used so many points but have been honest and used from weekly allowance, so just going to have to try and stay within all week.

Not feeling 100% positive about things, was feeling really down and sad the last couple of days, feeling better now, not sure what was wrong but just wish I could find the motivation to do this well. Being slim is what I want more than anything.. so why can't I do it? What is food more important to me? Obviously I don't want it enough or I would just do it!- Maybe I don;t feel I deserve it- maybe that is the problem.
Saturday 27/11/10

Woke up really early and had a cup of tea and a slice toast:
Toast 2pp
Butter and jam 1pp

Then we just had:
White bread roll (large) 6pp
2 slices bacon - 2pp
2 sausages- 10pp
Ketchup 1pp
Total : 23

Total used so far: 23
think the weather gets us down - as for the not deserving it, i think we all feel like that sometimes - i find its the weeks we're really good and dont lose what we would like that are the hardest cause it does sometimes make you question if you're doing it right and if you deserve it etc..

but dont worry.. you can do it just keep at it :) xxx

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