Good/Bad News


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hi guys
just got back from my 2nd weighin,the good news is ive lost 3lbs,the bad news is unless i promise to drink 4-6 pints of good old plain water a day i will be taken off the LT.
i was told that if i did not drink enough water i would make myself ill and my health would suffer.
the main reason im doing this is to IMPROVE my health not make it worse.
i could lie but my health is in my hands.(so to speak)oh well back to water by the bowlful now.hope you guys are having a good day.x
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i suppose its part of the deal, i get fed up of the amount of water we have to drink but to be honest i think it really helps with the weight lose as so far each weigh in for me have been really good, i drink 3ltr of water then the 2 shakes a day and 3-4 coffees .so it has its benefits just wish it would taste like Pepsi max :)


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Good loss! What are you drinking a day by the way? It is difficult to start but if you start as soon as you get up in the morning then you have a full day to get 4-6 pints down you.

Break it down into smaller chunks as that amount is daunting if you cant stomach water.

Say you are awake for 16 hours, that is, that is approximately just under 400ml over 16 hrs! If you think like that it might be more achievable. Get yourself some 500ml bottles and just keep filling them. I would buy say 4 and at least you have them beside you!!

I would also maybe get some sparkling water as this is just a little change and you could probably drink say 1ltr in the evening; get a nice crystal glass and drink it as you watch TV or whatever you are doing!

It is just a habit and a good one at that and honestly, eventually it become second nature.

I always drank water, BUT with Robinsons R so it did take a while for me to like just plain old water; now I wouldnt even touch Robinsons R, I like my water unadulterated!!!!

Good luck and you will see great results if you follow what the pharmacy is saying, plus, last thing you want is to be unhealthy!

Take care


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Carry a litre bottle around with you all day!!

Thats what I do and im drinking 4 litres plus a day x


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The loss is great news - well done! What's even better news is that you have a pharmacist who a) cares and b) knows about LT. You should be really pleased 'cos some of them are terrible.

Good luck with the water - I'm sure you'll get used to it.



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thanks guys,
im trying my hardest to drink the water has i want to stay on LT for as long as it takes to get rid of my fat.i have over the last 2 weeks managed 3-3 1/2 pints a day so i will just have to push a little harded.i have a bottle of water by my side including when i go to bed.


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Well, I was going to say, ur water is very low but actually its not as low as it could be. Yes you are at the lower end of the 2-4.5l but if you are having tea/coffee on top then you arent too bad!

However the more you drink water wise flushes away toxins and fat cells!

irish molly

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Good news on your loss and sorry to hear about the water problem. The water is very important to keep the kidneys functioning. I try to have a litre by 10.00 and another by lunchtime. Then I have another before 5.00 and another over the course of the evening. If you keep sipping from a bottle, it is surprising how quickly, it becomes a habit.
lots of luck for the coming week.