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Snacks Good low syn/free snacks

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by hanah1471, 10 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. hanah1471

    hanah1471 Member

    I've recently started the slimming world diet and and I'm excited to start shedding!! But, I know that my biggest downfall will be wanting to snack between meals. Can anyone and everyone suggest good snacks to eat that are either low in syns or completely free of them?? Obviously I know fruit and veg and all that but never really feel satisfied unless I eat about ten tangerines in one go!
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  3. abbey18

    abbey18 Member

    I make scotch eggs with ww sausages and put them in the fridge there really nice and under 1syn !
    Morning coffee biscuits are 1 syn
    Slimming world crisps are nice and completely free !
  4. dipsy1512

    dipsy1512 Full Member

    I keep boiled eggs in the fridge, perfect for snacking and also filling. Or what about mugshots, ommolate muffins, or even cold SW rice pudding.
  5. shanann86

    shanann86 Member

    I make up some slimming world hummus with chick peas, greek yoghurt, lemon juice and paprika and have carrot sticks and celery to dip in. All free and quite filling
  6. jefnia

    jefnia New Member

    I made the raspberry roulade that I found on here. Its massive and only half a syn for the whole thing. Its really filling and you could cut slices off it all day for minimal syns. Good to take the sweet tooth away!

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