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Good Morning - any plans for today?


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Good morning everyone. Have any of you got plans for this weekend?

We're taking Isabelle to our local farm park to see Santa today. I'm sure she will not actually go within a mile of him once she see's him LOL. Apparently he has his reindeer with him and there's also a nativity scene with real animals :eek:

Other than that... not got much planned. What about you?
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we have friends comming from the wirral tomorrow so i am getting organized for that,shopping,cleaning you know!!
Hoping hubby will take gril out for a bit to give me a break to get on with things.

my youngest (5) is going to see santa at our local park farm with her class on thurs, but I have a feeling she'll be pulling his beard and trying to ride the reindeer!!:4616:


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I'm just about to go to town and meet parents for coffee (every Saturday, 11am, same place - we are soooooo predictable!). Then a bit of shopping, OH is doing the cleaning right now so I may escape that.
Should try to get to the gym later but I've so much to do - tree to put up, pressies to wrap, studying etc.
No plans for tomorrow - pyjama day?
Stay warm... just been out to make sure the rabbits are ok and open their cat flap and extra food... defrost their water... lots of paper to shred and play with. Carrots to chew on and throw around... didn't leave the main door open as I normally do as it is soooo bitterly cold.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend with santa and all.
my 2 sons play rugby today so the hubby goes to watch........so its just me and my 2 springers bonnie and clyde, they are helpin me put the tree up........
finally got my new central heating boiler fitted yesterday...its so nice to feel warm again..........i may just stay in my pj's all day....at some point i will have to take the hounds out for a walk so i will have to get dressed..............:(
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well am being rather lazy today have got up had a bath, watched a film, put the dinner in the oven and now on 'puter' whilst mark my boyfriend is playing on the xbox all in all a lovely saturday


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I should be tidying up but everytime I walk in the living room I am pulled by the force that is minimins over to the pc. Does that happen to anyone else, lol.
S: 15st11lb C: 15st4lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 0st7lb(3.17%)
lol have been trying to prise myself off couch to get veg ready for steamer but minimins keeps pulling me back in


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Evening all
I went to Asda this morning - planned to be there by 8am but it was gone 11am when I got there.:mad::mad::mad:It was the staff Christmas party last night and didn't get in until gone 1.30am - I now havae a new drink Vodka, blackcurrant and lemonade - syns???
Saw son off on his skiing trip to Italy.
Home to have forty winks.:p
Catching up on here before I make my meal roasted vegetable pasta and then watching the X Factor.
Tomorrow, housework, washing, ironing and must get the remainder of the cards written.
Onle 1 more week to go and then it is the school holidays and I will be off until 5th Jan.:)
Now maybe a glass of wine?

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