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Good Read

That was fascinating-thanks for posting the link. It makes a lot of sense when the science is taken into account. We do tend to blindly follow guidelines without researching whether there is any substance behind them.


Clean green leafy machine
Love the blog following it - wildly dissenting views (she says smugly, knowing Atkins is the one that works! :))


Clean green leafy machine
Guys, have you tried the beer the second one mentions - Michelob Ultra? 2.6carb per bottle, can't be all bad? :)
Hahahaha I was wondering the same!

I volunteer to be research guinea pig!

what an absolute load of rubbish. the person that wrote this has not studied nutrition. we do not need milk from another species, we do not need meat. we do ot need oil or fact to digest vitamins , this is utter rubbish.
- karen, london, 24/1/2011 17:53

*facepalm* I guess she was thrown by the phrase 'fat soluble' :rolleyes:


Clean green leafy machine
LMAO I noticed that one too - classic! :)
Really interesting reading, thanks guys. Nice that the only thing I got out of that last article was the Michelob Ultra too - will be looking out for it in Tesco - I just won't be told! And I really hope they go for the Atkins food range somewhere in the UK. :D
God it makes my blood boil when they say Atkins isn't 'scientifically correct' and that 'Carbohydrates such as bread, cereals and potatoes provide energy as well as important B vitamins, iron and fibre so eating a low carbohydrate diet may mean your diet is being nutritionally compromised.'

Oh of course! The fact that many meats, nuts and cheeses are loaded with B vitamins and iron and cruciferous veg containing lots of fibre must mean we're all deficient because we have none of these on Atkins! :rolleyes:

This is coming from 'experts' and 'nutritionists'. *rage* No such thing as essential carbs. There's essential fats and amino acids but lets not bother with them. I'd like to stick these idiots on an island and give them nothing but the carbs they love so much. They'd all be dead in a few months.

The first time I read about the Dukan Diet was in the Daily Mail - the article was saying how great and balanced the diet was (it's just as low carb really). And if you google 'Daily Mail Atkins Diet' it comes back with several Daily Mail articles saying how good the Atkins diet is!

It's so full of shi...I mean hypocrisy!



Clean green leafy machine
As far as I understand it from those professionals, energy=sugar. Why would you want loads of sugar in your system?

I'm an expert in eating - obviously :) not nutrition, but whatever I was doing before, it wasn't working.

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