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Goodbye CD Hello WW

Hello everyone,
Have to say goodbye to cd:wave_cry: for the time being as failing miserabley:cry:tried so many times in the last year to re-start but has not happened.
Getting so unhappy about not loosing weight with the weather getting so nice..so decided I am going to join ww tomorrow and do that for a few months and see how i get on. Looking forward to it and I like that the plan is so flexible.
Joining a gym tomorrow too..going for it big style.
A big hello to everyone...and what an inspiration everyone is on this forum, whatever diet they are following.
Goodnight, here's to tomorrow xx:)
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wants to get slim
Thanks Phill, yours is one of the diarys I have been reading....inspirational....you done brilliantly. I hope I can do as well xx
thank you, and thanks for reading my diary ( i can go on a bit lol) :8855:

i know you will do great on ww and look forward to reading about your losses , if you need any help or advice everyone on here will be happy to help you ( were a good bunch on here lol)

good luck :):):):):):):)


Silver Member
Hi Trolley Dolly,

I too used to do CD. I lost 4 stones and 1 lb about 2 years ago and I gained it all plus and extra one or two stone for good measure :eek: and all that was in about 6 months max... scary or what?? :D

Have you ever done ww before?? If so, you won't need me to tell you how good the plan is. I have to say, so far ww is the easiest plan I have ever followed. I say so far because I have failed on diets before, including weight watchers, but that's because of my food problems and not the plan itself :eek: You can pretty much eat anything that you want to :D in moderation with certain foods of course.

I wish you luck, and I have to say that in my opinion, WW is a much safer way to diet than CD. VLCD's can have side affects and I would never go back to one again, but like I say, that's just my opinion.

If you have a sweet tooth (like me and many others) buy some PINK N WHITES as they are only 1/2 point each and are gorgeous. (pink n whites are those marshmallow things in wafers...and funnily enough...they're 'pink n white' heee heeee) ;) :D

see you on the forum :D xxx
Thanks Phill, will come on here if need help and advice. Always general lurking in the background reading the posts.

Hello Sophia-jo, thanks for the welcome and saying how great ww is. Was really undecided between sw and ww..but decided ww..as my work can really vary so need something easy that I can adapt.
I managed to keep two stone off, of the 4 I lost on cd..but just not getting anywhere with cd..find it good..but I feel very unsociable on it
and miserable but I do know its about you mind set.
You done really well on ww..thanks for the tips about the pink and whites for my sweet tooth.
Just figured better to do ww and loose something over the summer, than fail on cd (not diet, my fault!) and be heavy or the same at the end of the summer..nice weather has give me the kick I need.
Have a good week everyone xx
Well done for doing it now and not regaining what you have lost I did Cd in 2005 2007 2008 2009 and LL in 2006 losing and gaining 12-14 stones yoyoing.I feel with any vlcd the first time is the best time to lose the weight.
I hope you find WW good for you remember your losses wont be as high as a vlcd as alot of people struggle with that to start with.
I hope you use ww as your plan for life good luck :) xx


Silver Member
good luck trolley dolly, I was a CDer and lost loads but also my hair - thinned dreadfully. Changed to WW and 6 months on have lost over 3 stones the sensible way.......I love it and religiously go to my meetings and enjoy the change in lifestyle. Everyone on here is very supportive and very knowledgeable so there is always help at hand.....good luck :D
Thanks busybee. Yes, cd is great but I had thin hair before due to bad diets and stress over the years. You have done great...3 stone in six months ...yes, ww is going to be for life...joining tonight..as overslept this morning and too late for meeting..oh dear!!
Thanks as well to size102b..I know but might be hard at first the small losses..but going in the right direction is what i figure..instead of beating myself up as failing on cd..I am an all or nothing kinda girl..think that may have to change too.
Feeling very positive and welcomed..thanks
Don't even plan on binging today or tonight..had porridge so far and going to have salad for lunch..long may it continue.
Sorry I do waffle xx


Finally a size 12!
Hi Dolly, i tried several times to restart CD but failed and was always in tears by day 3 so im on the WW wagon and its great!!! Good Luck xxx
Thanks festival fairy, glad your enjoying ww. Just my head and body need a rest from cd..and just not happening so I try some healthly eating with help of ww. Here to my first week.
Have a good week xx
Hello and welcome

I am a fellow CD'r too lol! I loved the plan, but after coming off, it is the hardest thing to get back into!

WW is great, I have been following the plan nearly 12 weeks. My weight loss is slower than most:eek: because I enjoy my weekends:D but still losing! It's a great plan, way of life around the whole family


plodding away
Hi and welcome

I've never done cd myself but have lost weight and regained on so many plans in the past, that I am determined this is the last time I will have to do this and needed to pick a healthy plan I can use for life. ww seems to suit me just fine - normal food and healthy weight loss. Hope you find it as great as I do

Good luck
Thanks Berryred and Vanda,

Enjoying it so far (early days)...mind you my stomach not too good yesterday...think my body gone in to shock with all the healthy food i am eating!!!
Well here's to another good day x


Girl on a mission
another ex cambridge dieter here, starting ww 2 stone heavier than when i started cd:p but love weight watchers as lost on it before and know this is a plan for life:D

good luck with ww trolleydolley and sure your 1st weigh in will inspire you to stick with it, least ww tastes sooooo much better than the shakes hehe:)
Thanks..good luck with your journey.
Yes, my head not in the right place to do cd, coz I think CD is great..but far too much messing about the last year..although I am still two lighter than when I started CD but still too far away from target. Enjoying the plan so far, mind only on fourth day.
It has also stopped my scale hopping habit!! which has to be good.
Also, nice to know I can have my glass of wine now and then..not a big drinker anyway..
Have a good week dappymare. Thanks for the welcome and support x
Thanks funky mum. Nice to have all these welcomes:)
Looking forward to more tips and advice..and inspirational stories....hopefully be one too one day x

Right...off to do something productive with my day...a walk I think:wavey:

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