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Got 2 big events in Feb what do??

I'm having a big party for my eldest daughter's 18th and going away to see my nan and a big family get together for her 80th. The 18th is a buffet and the meal for my nan is at a posh resturant. So my big question is I would like to eat what I want as we don't get out much. what should I do with the xenical?? Is it just as simple as stopping the tablets for the day? I've only been on them for a week on sunday and had no side effects as i've been really healthy and stuck to the 5g rule (don't feel like I've lost any at the moment). I don't want to ruin my parties by getting the side effects but would like to not feel restricted just for theses 2 days!! Any help would be great, Thanks Sarah x
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I would say its best to stop taking the Xenical about 3-4 days before the event. For it to be truely out of your system.
I felt like that at first - I'd heard all about the side effects, but at first I had no problems at all, so I thought people must have been exaggerating.
Then I had fish and chips one day...but only skipped the tablet for that meal. I thought I would be OK, because in theory, the tablets are only supposed to work on the food you've eaten an hour or two either side of taking the tablet.
Needless to say, it WASN'T okay....I was on the loo for about 3 hours that night!!!
I suppose what I found out was that when you're eating low fat foods, the tablets do their job 'behind the scenes' and you never know about it, until you try eating something fatty....that's when they put you back in your place!
But if it reassures you, even when I had that incident with the fish and chips, I never felt like I was in danger of having an 'accident'! :)

I'd say to be on the safe side, stop the tablets a day or two before your parties, but carry on eating low fat foods right up until the event.
And most of all - have a great time :)


Go on smile! =)
No more than 5g of fat per 100g of product. No more than 15g of fat per meal.


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i would say enjoy the party, set your self limits, and try not to go over those. If your foods are going to be more fatty, then i would stop taking them 3-4 days to allow it to get out of your system. But make sure you get straight back on them!!!

With regards to posh restaurant... I normally have a steak (ask them not to use oil) and either have salad or veg without butter or sauces.. Options for you if the menu allows you....
im gonna sound stupid now so when i look down the side of the packets i look at 100g even if im not having that amount sorry about being thick many thanks debbie x
Most food packaging tells you the break down of the product per 100g so if it's under 5g per 100g of fat then it's ok.
Then your meal should be made up of no more than 15g of fat giving you a max of 45g of fat per day.

Back on subject , I would stop a couple of days before but eat what you want but try a keep a healthy head on.


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the most important thing is to enjoy yourself! If you dont then dieting will become a bore and you wont want to do it!!!!
the most important thing is to enjoy yourself! If you dont then dieting will become a bore and you wont want to do it!!!
I agree Kes - it's about getting the balance right. It's important to stick to your plan for the majority of the time, but it's also sooo important to enjoy special occasions without guilt, because otherwise you end up resenting your tablets and/or your diet!

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