Got gelatin--now what?


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As they do not have mix a mousse in Sweden, I bought plain gelatin. It came in sheets. I actually dont know how to use it and the directions are of course in Swedish (and not the kind covered in my once a week class!)

Does anyone know what I need to do with the sheets or approximately how much to use?

And can someone remind me why I am in living in a country where I cant speak the language?:rolleyes:
If it's the same as in England, you need 3 sheets to set one pint of liquid. Break the sheets into small pieces and add to about half a pint of hot water. Syir until dissolved. Mix your shake in another half pint of cold water, and when the belatin has dissolved mix them together. Leave in fridge to set. Good Luck.
Think I will do this tonight!
Dya know what, I love this site, here and only here can you get advice like this x