got my story in the dailymail


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I read it and thought it was you well done x


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WOW what an inspiration!! Was reading all the comments, some people who have left negative ones are clearly very jealous !!

Well done you x


Well done that man! just amazing, such a shame some people just have to put bad coments on, shame on them! just idiots!! Andy you have done wonderfully well and I'm sure you will find the love of your life sometime soon. Wishing you everything you wish for yourself. Claire x

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wow - congrats you look great !! Please do not read the comments on the bottom of the page - some people are mindless and very cruel !! you look fab and you must feel it too !!


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Well done Andy!! The comments page always make me laugh. They're such sad people if they've got nothing good to say about such an inspirational story. Keep up the good work!!


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Well done. I read this earlier today and thought what a fantastic inspiration. You look great.



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Andy, that is so positive. You will be a real inspiration for so many out there who want to lose weight in 2012.


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Well done Andy! just read the story online and saw the photos, you've done so amazingly well!!!! all the best for the future:)xxx


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Brilliant!!! Well done you!!


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You are inspiring....thank you.