Got2bslim - i WILL get to target in 2011 food diary !! please add any comments x


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S: 17st10lb C: 14st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35 Loss: 3st2lb(17.74%)
Ok, so i worked my ass off to get my 3 stone award in time for Christmas and i got it the week before :D but since having a break for Christmas i have really struggled to stick to plan and have been losing afew lbs and then gaining afew lbs at weigh ins and its REALLY starting to ANNOY me now :mad: I so should of had my 3 n half stone award by now :cry:

So there is only 1 thing for it and that is to make what i am eating public and then i WONT cheat anymore.

So i still have a good 4 Stone to lose and i intend on doin this before Christmas, slowly and steadily will do just fine, i am in no rush and really want to keep it off.

I have also just started trainin for Warrington half marathon in September :eek: so i am hopin that will help me with my weight loss :)

So here goes


Weetabix(HExB) with whole milk(HExA) and sugar 1 syn

Ham salad sandwich on wholemeal bread 6 syns

350g chicken Dhansak 6.5syns from indian takeaway with boiled rice and green beans

Snacks:- banana and tangerine

Syns:- 13.5

Exercise= 2 mile run ;)

Not a great day but a whole lot better than i have had for a long time and am overall quite happy

Feel free to add any comments and any tips u may have and also please do spur me on, i need all the help i can get :eek:

I usually weigh in on a Tuesday afternoon but due to it bein the end of the month after a pay i got before christmas i booked 2 weeks holidays for today and next week as i am soooo skint its unreal, so u may find my variety of food is limited but i am tryin to stick to plan on a VERY tight budget for the next 2 weeks so i wont know how i have actually done until i get weighed on 8th Feb :sigh: but i am hopin to be soooo good and try to get my 3 n half stone award at my next weigh in , so fingers crossed as tight as they can be please hahaha
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S: 17st10lb C: 14st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35 Loss: 3st2lb(17.74%)

Weetabix(HExB) milk (HExA) sugar 1 syn

Home made spag bol with pasta

Garlic chicken with new potatoes and veg

Snacks:- Banana, mullerlight, fridge raiders 2.5 syns

Drinks:- 4 vodkas and diet coke 8 syns Water 1.5 litres

Syns 11.5

Exercise= 0


Weetabix (HExB) milk(HExA) sugar 1 syn

Fridge raiders with savoury rice and nandos sauce and green beans 4.5 syns

Syn free sausage mash cauliflower and beans

Snacks :- banana, orange, apple and

Water= 2 litres

syns= 5.5

Exercise= 5k run and some weights in the gym

So far so good this week i think , lets just hope the good work can continue for the next week n a bit until i get to go to weigh in xx


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S: 17st10lb C: 14st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35 Loss: 3st2lb(17.74%)

2 slices wholemeal toast (HExB) with Jam 2 syns

Fridgeraiders and rice and veg 4 syns

Steak, mushrooms and onions served with 200g oven chips 4 syns

Snacks:- tin of mushy peas, banana mullerlight

syns = 10

Water = 2 litres ;)

Exercise:- 5k run , weights and 30 mins on cross trainer :D

Doin quite well upto now i think, just got to keep it up over the weekend :cool: