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GP Signature

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Hi there
Is it one particular GP you don't want to see - could you ask for another one at your surgery?

You can pay private somewhere like bupa i think - your LLC should know

daisy x


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Not possible to start without a GP signature, but as Daisy says it is possible to see another GP (although may cost you more). Chances are your local LLC will have a 'tame' GP they can put you in touch with.

Good luck
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If you are not on any medication or under a GP for a medical complaint, it is possible to get a signature from the practice nurse but I would verify this with your llc.


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Hi everyone, is there a way of joining lighterlife without a GP signature. I really don't want to see my GP but want to do lighterlife for the counselling benefits. Hope you can help xx
No you must acquire the signatire of th GP, any particular reason you dont want to see the GP, perhaps fear they wont sign?

I can tell you they are keen in most cases some reserved but ultimately they will sign it as its a benefit to you.

Also they sell lipotrim in chemists which GP's approve of.


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My LLC referred me to a private clinic because most surgery's in our area flat out refuse to even make you an appoinment for it.

However, if you are on medication or have certain medical complaints it does have to be your GP though.

(Personally I can't wait to next me GP - I'm not going to let him weigh me....I'm not letting him get his "bonus" for having one less obese patient because he done **** all)
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Thanks for all the replies. I just didn't want my GP knowing my business really as he can be very deep and goes on about things. I know he means well but I can't be doing with it. I didn't want it on my records at all. Sounds sad I know. As it turns out there are no LL groups in my area. The nearest is over an hour away. I'm on Cambridge anyway just about but really feel the real councelling you get on LL would be of better help to me as a serial dieter who re-gains. Thanks to you all and best wishes with your plans xx

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