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Grasping at Straws


Laugh in the face of food
Hi, I just wondered if any of you ladies have experienced lower losses while you've been on the Pill? Last time I did CD I wasn't on the Pill, and I had really good losses.

This time I am on the Pill and my losses have been much lower. I started CD again back in January and my first 4 weeks I was 100% and my losses were as follows:

wk1: 6lbs
wk2: 1lb
wk3: 2lbs
wk4: 2lbs

After that I have struggled to stay focussed and be 100%, partly because of these low losses and partly because I've had a lot of social events where food was on the go and I couldn't get out of it. As a result I'm grasping at straws to try and explain these poor losses in an effort to try and get my head back into gear. I'm so frustrated!!
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Laugh in the face of food
I'm just trying to bump this thread to the top again, plenty of people have read it but no-one seems have had experience of this, so I'm hoping someone reads it and has something to offer.
I have some experience and I've found the same.

I did LL twice - first time 4 years ago, and had good losses - and I wasn't on the pill. Last year I did LL again and, whilst on the pill, my losses were definately less per week - and my god, how I moaned about it on my diary lol :eek:

Not sure why that would be but you're not alone in this. Hope you can keep focussed, even though it is frustrating :)


Laugh in the face of food
Thanks hun:thankyou:, to be honest I was just wondering if I was making excuses and trying to justify my lack of motivation. But I've got a new sense of motivation in the form of a booked holiday. I'm determined to get to target and stay there for that.

Oh and good luck for tmw btw.;)


Laugh in the face of food
Oh me too, I'm seriously going to have to stop doing that. I'm going to have to treat this as if I've never done it before I think. I can't keep comparing back because I had a lot more to lose last time too.

And as for tmw, don't even give us nosey lot a second thought, just enjoy it xx