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Great Programme on BBC3 now


Gotta Make A Change
Sky+ it will watch it later


Gotta Make A Change
Iplayer is bbcs free on demand player :) it has a whole heap of
that have come
on terrestrial tv :) it's avaliable off the BBC website
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just watched it.
the bit which got me was when she weighed out the sugar in her daily food - which was very 'healthy'
i was really surprised by that!
daisy x


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Saw the first bit about the olympics and sponsors, but want to catch the rest on iplayer tonight.

Very interesting so far...
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lol "who made me fat?" i want to watch it now..do you guys ask yourself that question too?
i find it annoying how they complain obesity is costing the nhs loads and yet gyms are so expensive, they force a 40hr week so you have no time and you are too tired to do anything else and healthy foods tend to me more expensive..well i think so, its like £4 for a bag of grapes lol you can buy burger and chips for that!!


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ps just watched the first couple of mins - am hooked but need to go out now. grrrrr!
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Just watched it ...yes I know I should be working ....:cool:
Very interesting points raised - especially the hidden sugar. And as for Burger Kings in hospitals....:sigh:
What I find annoying is that they have banned smoking adverts from tv etc and provide free stop smoking stuff but when I went to try and get Doc to sign LL forms - not interested ...and then I have to pay VAT on food packs ...no VAT of burgers ....shocking:mad:


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So the governmet wants us fat it would seem..... I was gobsmacked by the programme. Really made me think.



...we're sinking deeper.
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That program was good! :)
There's another one in a similar vein; addressing breakfast cereals which was rather fascinating... A bowl of commercial cereal has more salt than a Walker's packet of crisps and as much sugar as a doughnut. Good thing I never got into eating cereal eh... I like my porridges and other warm things...

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