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Green day snacks?


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:eek:..choc and biscuits??! i wouldnt be able to stop once i have started on a pack of bourbons lol
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:p I've become quite controlled with snacking on naughty things since I got into the swing of SW. Like tonight, I just had a pack of Cadbury's snack biscuits-2 in a pack and 2 syns each. I honestly don't feel like I want any more. I often have something like a caramel Freddo too, a nice 5 syn chocolate hit :D
How long have you been doing SW for? I can honestly say it gets easier with time :)


Is a crunchy mama!
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I generally don't snack lots, I just make sure I'm eating enough at mealtimes. But when I do it's either fruit or yogurt.
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I used to buy Asda beastie bites cause they were like monster munch (same flavours as well) and only 4 syns for 18g packet but have now noticed they are over 6 syns as the pack size increased to 25g! this time of year i pop grapes, raspberries and blueberries in the freezer and eat them like sweets. In the winter when its available i dry out curly kale in the oven sprinkle with salt and pepper and eat like crisps.


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my treat snack is coffee + 5 nice biscuits (5syns)
my new favourite is sw quiche - not sure what i did without it!


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I wouldn't snack on any of those things (except celery!) I'm like honeyoc, I eat enough at mealtimes to fill me up sufficiently.
Between meals I just have fruit or yoghurt.

I always save something for supper, which I guess you could call a snack, I tend to save a B choice for Ryvita with an A choice of cheese or some cottage cheese.
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Nice biscuits are 1 syn each??? how have I missed that one?!?
At this time of year, ice lollies! Home made free ones, usually (made with Tesco Mexican lime cordial), but I also love the Waitrose Cloudy Lemonade ones at 3.5 syns.

Clementines are another current favourite, or carrot sticks. Can't imagine eating potatoes as a snack - for me, they are for mealtimes. And I would never eat mugshots at all - hate them.
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Normally its fruit or yoghurt but with the heat just lately I've been having mini milks too.
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I like to nibble on a babybel light or a salt and vinegar rice cake (1.5 syns) with marmite. Or fruit or a cereal bar. I too am loving the mini-milks (1.5 syns). On an evening I might have a piece of toast as a HexB. I snack quite a lot ;)

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