Green Tea - what are your thoughts and experiences?


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Hi peeps :D

Has anyone every tried Green Tea (either in drink form or capsule) to boost their metabolism?

I know I asked some of my friends on another forum, and they generally said it made no difference... but I thought I would just ask you guys, in the rare chance there is one person who did have a good result from using it :)

Let me know your thoughts...

I drink green tea as I quite like it. Can't say I've noticed much of a change in my metabolism, but I've been drinking it for years, so wouldn't know really.

I've heard it raises your metabolism slightly more than caffeine and only if it's very pure

Really don't think it makes much difference unless you drink copious amounts
I read something about this and it is all about the levels of catechins or something in the green improve your metabolism with it you have to practically stew it for 10 minutes and then drink loads through the day and also use it in cooking, like cook your pasta/rice in it and add it to soup. I mix my soup mix into green tea and it gives a really lovely flavour.
Lovin' the last answer. I love green tea and drink it several times a day. I leave the tea bag in as I find it too weak other wise. Don't know if it helps my metabolism how would you know? But is another reason not to revert back to black tea. It's also recommend to those with cancer to and as prevention I believe. Dizzy
All I know is that I lived in Japan for 4 years and ate a largely vegetarian Japanese diet (I'm veggie by the way - not their diet iykwim!) and drank copious amounts of green tea. Throughout that time I maintained a healthy weight without struggling.

Since returning to the UK I've put on about 7 stone (will find out exactly how much tomorrow when I go to see a LL counsellor I imagine)
That's an amazing story. Maybe there is something in it as come to think of it when I lived in Canada for 2 years and couldn't drink the black leaf tea there and tried green tea as an alternative, I loved it and completely switched to green tea while living there. My diet was pretty poor there too and even though I had a baby six months before returning to England I didn't put on any weight (no more than 1/2 a stone). On my return I slipped back to the black tea and piled on 3 stone in less than 4 years.

There are of course many other differentials too. But I would say if you like it drink it as it may do you a lot of good one way or another.

Dizzy x

ps Anyone know any good sources of different green teas?