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Green tea?!


I'm Misha, I'm new to this forum and to Lipotrim. I've been on it now for two weeks and to be honest, it's going great!
I do have a question, does anyone drink green tea? Or is that a big no no?! It's just last week I was struggling going to the toilet :ashamed0005: and I'm just thinking of something I can do daily to prevent this happening again as I was off from work for 4 days - and don't want to be doing that again.. It was horrible! :(

Thanks lovlies xx
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I don't have Green Tea as I'm not sure whether it's permitted or not and I want to stay 100%. I do drink lots of peppermint leaf tea and I find that's a great help. My pharmacist recommended it. Good luck on your Lipotrim journey. You'll be fine - just stick with it.
Thanks Rosary - will ask about it when I'm next at the Chemist! X
Hiya Misha and welcome!
I thought green tea was ok - not that it would be my drink of choice - yuk!
Have you heard of Fibre Clear. Lots of people on LT seem to have it and it might help with your problem if you take it regularly?
Good luck, babe and stick with it. :D
Hi Misha, I do drink green tea sometimes, but just one cup a day.Too much green tea can be toxic. Also, try drinking a warm glass of water first thing when you wake up, and that might help you go? Even the water you drink throughout the day, try and make sure its warm or at least room temperature. And sip it not big gulps, as this will go straight through you, and not be absorbed. And like Jessie suggested, Fibre Clear is an option. Hope you don't have to go through that again.
Thanks Jessie! I've not tried Fibre Clear, no although when I next go to the Chemist I am going to get some. I've read about it on the internet, and looks ideal!.. Think I'm going to try peppermint tea too. Thanks sweetie! x Gotta have faith - thanks!! I'm going to try that too drinking warm water through out the day!.. Thanks sweeties :) xx


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late to this but grean tea s fine but eugh, I am trying SO hard to drink peppermint tea but it doesnt sit well with me, it makes my hair stand on end for some reason...!! The mind boggles! LOL!
I am actually enjoying black tea oddly enuf!!! Never thuoght I could ever say that!
i do black coffee, find the peppermint tea strange lol, my pharacist told me i can use sennakot x
Hi Misha, yeah green tea is fine. Any tea as long as it comes from leaves is fine. And yeah like lisabear says you can take sennakot. Just take one first and see what happens. If nothing take 2 the next night and you will definitely have results. I use it if i find ive had no movement for 2/3 days.


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The fibre clear sunds like the way to go! I drink peppermint tea, both hot and cold! If you make it up and just leave it in the fridge it's bloody yummy! Makes a nice change from the hot variety and plain oul water ;) Hope it clears up!

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