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Greetings frm across the pond. A very jet-lagged hello.

Blonde Logic

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Greetings peeps! It's about 4am or so here in California and I am wide awake so thought I would tkate this opportunity of peace to just say hi and tell you what an abosoultey horrific start to our holiday we had. :D

I awoke at 3am on Thursday to do final packing and preps around the house. The inlaws took me to Gatwick for 7am to pick up my OH as he finished his last nigh shift at 7am. He and I then drove to Heathrow, knowing we had a long day ahead as our flight didn't leave until 2:15pm, due to arrive in San Francisco at 5:30pm US time.

We boarded the flight and waited to take off. And waited. And waited. 5 hours later, we were still waiting. Still seated in the plane. Still on the tarmac.

Engine problems.

They de-planed us and annouced the flight was cancelled, that they would put us up in hotel overnight and we would all meet again Firday and try again. Same crew. Same plane, and they "hoped" it would be repaired.

To say I was GUTTED is the understatement of the year. The customer servie wwe received from United Airlines was disgraceful. Fortunately as my husband works for BAA he knows the ropes and let the Duty Manager of UA know in no certain terms that she was full of Sh*t, and was being lazy and not wanting to help anyone. So after an hour or tow of being channelled around like cattle, and arguing with UA, we flat out refused to be put up in a hotel and demanded they get us to America - anywhere in America - just so we had progress.

We won. We got a flight on an American Airlines (funny- UA said they checked ALL airlines and no seats available anywhere. Yeah. Right.) Anyway, we got a flight that would at least get us to New York. That was half way there so better then sitting in Crawley all bloody night.

We got on the place after racing like lunatics through the airport, and were met my the worlds most obnoxious, unfriendly, "am I bothered" flight attendant. He was unbelievable - and mark my words-he has not seen or heard that las from us. We then got seated, and watched as they brought our 4 suitcases out to the plane, loaded 3 and drove off with the fourth. This is when all chaos ensued, and my husband went to battle with the staff and not one of them would help. As I watched a suitcase go away - I just started crying - and was hoping that it was not the suitcase that contained my medications for my neck and my LL food packs. But relaalised it could well be - or it could have had al my new clothes that I have been buying over the course of LL that I have been so happy with.

The arguments ensued with OH and crew, which escalated in 2 security guards and the pilot of the plane confronting us. We explained if that bag goes away - at Heathrow - it will never be seen again, etc., meds, what not. More time wasted arguing - more delays in getting to california - they said they'd try to sprt it out but the plane had to leave. It was a bloody nightmare.

We ended up in New York City. We arrived there at 11pm NY time. 3 hours later we were delivered to the hotel - across the freeway. It was then 1am (6am UK time). Our flight to Cali left at 6am so we had to be back at the airport at 4am to check in. No time to sleep, but a welcomed shower and change of clothes.

We still have had no sleep. I have had no packs. It was AWFUL. I know we will laugh one day - but not just yet. I had my first pack on Thursday at about 9am. I did not have my next pack until we arrived in New York Hotel....about 20 hours later....so those that worry about not having a pack at work - nothing to worry about...lol...it can get a lot worse and you can still survive. :D And that was with very little water too as well as the whole time we were on the Tarmac we received no services at all.

We made our 6am flight, and at last, we were on our way to Cali. I was exhausted - I think at that stage for me it was 36 horus with no sleep, and for OH about 53 hours. I cannot sleep on a plane but tried. The entire flight from NY to Cali my seat was constantly kicked by a little toerag behind me, until myhusband nearly climbed over the seat and pounded his less then helpful or concerned father.

It was, the trip from hell. And I must confess. I smoked. I did not care. I smoked and it felt good. :D And now I am not smoking again.

Being on the airplane, under that stress - when they brought out the meals, I coudl so easily have caved - it was the hardest moment of this diet - 3oo people eating in a closed environment and me at my maximum stress level. I honestly broke down and cried into my pillow while everyone else ate their lasagne or roast chicken. I held my nose and cried. It smelled so good and I felt so shattered and dissappointed....I justwanted to stufff something in my gob. That was a tough test, the toughest yet.... but I passed.

And we are here now. And I have slept. But am on a weird schedule - so a few more days to adjust.

So thats my tale....my mom and best friend are the first to have seen me, and they are over the moon. Mom couldnot stop staring at me - she was shocked and said I look years younger. It was good. :)

My middle brother saw me but saidnothing - but that is tobe expected. I was sad to see he has done theopposite and put on a lot of weight. I know he has been depressed - and he looked horrible. Unhealthy. Made me sad. But hey - he's gotta learn. I learned. His turn.

Well lovely's hope this made sense - even though I slept I still feel a bit disoriented.

Until the next time I can drop a line - you all be good and happy!!!

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What a time for you both. What is in your missing suitcase? or has it turned up?

Hope you have a great time and that your journey back is better

Irene xx


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OMG what a nightmare. BUT well done on resisting food hun, I take my hat off to you. Hope they re-united you with your suitcase and I hope you have a wonderful relaxing holiday with the family x x x


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Phew!!!!!...just glad for you that you are finally there hun!!!! :eek::eek::eek::D

Thanks for taking the time to come on and post and let us all know. Now go and relax ok.....lol:D:D:D:D:D


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Bloody hell that's a trauma and a half! You just chill out, get some sleep and have a super holiday. It's great to hear from you and I'm so happy you're family were made up with the 'new you'

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My gosh what a disaster!!! Things can only get better BL, Have a fab time... (hope u found the missing suitcase???)

Have fun x


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Sounds like a horrid experience, but I'm glad you are there finally. Hope the suitcase shows up soon. xx


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OMG BL that really sounds like the journey from hell hun! You are so so strong resisting the food! Hope your holiday makes up for it, have a fab time!!


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Bloody airlines - they never seem to give a monkey's arse about the people flying their planes - they'll soon remember when people fly with the competition that offer a level of customer service one would expect when you are paying them good money!

Hope you got reunited with your suitcase, and that you have your packs. Well done for resisting food on the flight - but slap botty for smoking - although will forgive you this once.

Have a fab time in California - am very jealous of you.
Lovely to hear from you honey even though not so good news. Well done for staying on track. Put it behind you and have a fantastic time and give that mom of yours lots of hugssss


Hi BL, wow what a trip. u poor thing glad you got there safe and sound. you can just forget about it now dam those airline co's they just dont care. did u get your suitcase? hope you have a fab holiday and yayy with all the compliments u deserve it :)

becky xx

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Well, hello again - while the other half sleeps I can grab a bit of time here.

We did get the suitcase, thank god. They had somehow got the wrong scanning tags on it, not sure how or why or what, but somehow it did make it, thank god. And it had my packs in it as well as my clothes. There were some spare packs in OH's case - but only about 3 days worth, so very VERY happy to have been reunited with it.

We are going to a S.F. Giants vs. White Sox baseball game today in San Francisco - can;t wait - a day in the sun. However, the ball park will reek of Garlic Fries and Hotdogs abd Burgers! Eeeep!!! Doing well so far in that I am fine with al the food that is around - even cooked my mom and OH brunch yestreday - but what I am finding diificult is getting all my packs down. I have not had 4 in a day yet and that is so naughty and I am not happy about it, as I am one of the first to tell everyone "You must have all 4 packs!" Realsising, I must turn my schedule upside down while I am here and have the majority of packs very earlyin the day. I am going to try and have 2 before we go anywhere - and hopefuly that will help. Its quite different doing this while "on the road". But I must get that sorted and quickly.

Am facing some emotional stuff with my brother - the youngest of the two but older then me - he is in quite a state. I mentioned he has put on a lot of weight, and seeing him now, for a couple of days - he looks dreadful - he looks so so unhealthy, I have never ever seen him look like this - he has always been the pitcure of good health - fit, trim, clear skin, bright eyes - and the way he lokos makes me cry. I barely recognise him.

My OH and I were sitting outside last night and he joined us. He was worried about moms party next weekend and said he did not think he should come. He is fearful that he has leprosy. :(( He has spent many of the past 20 years living in third world countries - mainly parts of Brazil, where leprosy is rife. He canot find a doc here in the US that really knows anything abuot it and has no insurance - so he's just sort of stewing in fear and worry. Its just very sad. He told us some things abuot his ex wife, who I have always defended becasue my brother, bless him, has been a bit of a flake - but after last night, and his conviction in his words - I fear I may have been defending the wrong person for years. I went to bed crying for him, and forhow miserable his life has been and how miserable he is now. (Don;t worry - this happens to me every trip - when it comes to family, I am an open raw nerve - so it is not ruining my trip at all, OK, so don't feel bad for me!! This is to be expected, and it will pass. :)) I am going to have to ask him to show me evidence of something, which I hate doing because it basically says I don't trust him - but I need to see it. If he can produce this, it means my ex-sisterinlaw has been lying to me, boldly, for years, and that her deceit has made me put trust in her first, before my own brother - and that does hurt. I need to find out soon. <sigh> I love family - but hate family sh*t. Ya know?

Weather here has been hot hot HOT! About 98 degrees. Lovely in the evenings. Bit warmish during the day! Gonna get a suntan today at the balpark! SO happy to be able to be wearing sleeveless shirts without shame! :D

Oh - back to the flight - just to say - wow, how much more comfortable was I this trip then any others!!?? :D I could practically curl up in my seat! hehe.....loads of extra seatbelt strap - that was brilliant!!! Hubby and I could even share the armrest! Wow - thats a first!!! LOL

Anyway - sorry if this post is a bit disjointed - I am still very jet laggy and awake way earlier then I wanted to be. Its only just gone 6am now. So much for holiday lay ins!! Up at 4am yestreday and 5am today!!

Take care everyone - will post again when I can!



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Good to hear from you again - soooo glad you got your case back.

Re the family stuff, though it can feel a little tough/raw at the time it's better to get things out in the open and sorted if it means that you can live happier afterwards - and with your family being so far away you need to grab the opportunities to do this as and when you can.

Enjoy that sunshine and wave those skinny arms high xx


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Family's are a blessing but can be a nightmare all at the same time! I cant believe you managed to resist the food on the plane BL!!!

Have a great trip and try to relax a bit and not spend all your time worrying about stuff if you can help it xxx


Gotta Make A Change
hey blonde logic have a good holiday :) enjoy it

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Hi everyone - just a quick pop-in to say hi! Having a very good time up at my friends house in the mountains on a mountain top in the middle of 14 acres of redwood forests with a pool and a jacuzzi, not that I want to make anyone jealous or anything! :D :D :D

Its been a good trip so far. Enjoying everones company. Had fun yesterday - took about 4 old suitcases full of clothes that are in storage here and had a try on - was like shopping for free, and these go right back to my early days - and they all fit again excepte for a black bag full of clothes that were HUGE! I have 3/4 of a suitcas full new" clothes. Means I can now spend my shopping budget it one of my very favourite, but very expensive little boutiqies! YYAYAY!!!! :D

There have been some real struggles and real trying times. I am still 100% abstinant, but have shed a couple of tears and bit a few nails to do so. The hardest so far was a San Francisco Giants Gaseball game. To get to our seats we had to walk the gauntlet of food stalls - the place reaked of garlic french fries which they are known for - then on top of that were nachos, pizza, bbq chicken, tacos, burgers, sausages, bbq ribs, strawberry shortcakes, salads, sushi, hot dogs and onions or saurkraut, my god - it was endless and it smelled so so so so so so so so so so so so so so good in there it felt like real torture and I had a real pouty feel sorry for myself moment, and thats when I shed my first LL tear about not being able to eat. And that is also when I had one of my lapses and smoked a ciggerette!! lol But I got through it. On wards and up wards!

Other then that, the biggest difficulty is still managing to get all 4 packs in. I am now, but its an effort - schedule is all over the place!

Well, I hear people waking up now, so I better go - just wanted to say hello and I do hope everyone is getting on well - I have not had time to catch up on any posts at all - but just wanted you lot to know I was thinking aboutyou and sending love!

Bye for now!!



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It really is lovely to hear from you whilst your away pleased your having a good time & staying away from the food I do admire you I am sure i would have weakened enjoy the rest of your holiday

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