Group vs At home


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I have gone back to class..................I need the discipline..........


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I have never gone to a SW class and have managed to do fine from home. However the first time round I tried from home my heart wasn't 100% in it so lasted about 3 weeks, and for the next couple of years I piled more weight on. This time round losing weight was something I really wanted to do so my motivation alone was enough, as well as the support from my lovely OH.

Another reason I don't go to group is the lack of training of some SW consultants receive. Now I know that this doesn't apply to all consultants, but I've read on here many times about people getting the wrong information about the plan straight from their C. Also, my mum and sister go to a group (they've tried doing it alone but they need to discipline too) and I've had to correct them on a lot of things about the plans/syns/free food etc but they tell me it must be right because their C said so!

At the end of the day we are all different, my only advice would be to join a class and see what you think, then you can decide what's best for you.
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This is the first time i;ve ever been to a group to help slim as i;ve always done it on my own. But due to recent events, this has helped me gain my confidence to go out and mix with people again, so the group is stopping me from hiding away as i;ve signed up for 12 weeks.

Our SWC has been doing the consultant thing for 22 years and shes very good at what she does. So was lucky to find a group :D


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I'm doing the plan from home. This is mainly due to money but also because I know I can't to commit to the classes each week due to work and OHs shifts.
I've never done it at home without attending class before but I can only take it one day at a time and I'm hoping the support from here will keep me going.


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I do it from home. Never gone to class. Can neither afford nor commit to the night it's on.
I don't have much to lose. But have lost 1/2 a stone in 4 weeks. I'm very happy with that.
I don't need a class and someone to weigh me to keep me motivated. But understand most people do hence why classes do so well.
Personal decision. Give it a try.


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I think i mainly do sw group as I have been suffering from agoraphobia( long story) and i saw this as a way of making myself back to the usual me. I could of carried on at home as i had lost a stone an a half before i joined but that would also mean i wouldnt be going out and seeing anyone


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I've left class before and tried to do it on my own, I tried but at the end of the day I needed someone to weigh me at the end of the week!


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With me and my current mind-set it wasn't really an option.

If I couldn't commit 100% to group I'd never commit 100% to the loss.

Pleased to say that as well as being a 100%er, my attendance and plan remain 100% too.

Our consultant (who presuambly has all the stats to hand) confirms the weightloss is greater from the "stayers" than those who "weigh-and-run".


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I need the discipline of being weighed once a week and I think the support of a good consultant and other group members is invaluable.

The way I look at it, I was spending more than £20 a month on rubbish before SW, so a fiver a week is money well spent.


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I'm doing it from home (online membership). I've never found fear of the scales particularly motivating - sometimes the opposite, in fact. I found it easier to skip class when I was doing WW if I had a bad week than go and face the scales.


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In the past I've always need the support of a group however I started SW at home 5 weeks ago and I'm doing well so far... I honestly think it's the support of this site that helps to keep me motivated


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i also do it from home both times, ive now lost 11lb in 4 weeks xxx


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I'm doing it from home. I'm generally not a joiner so can't really see the point. I once attended a ww meeting and was so disillusioned and ignored on my first night that really sealed it for me.
I'm fortunate though as my daughter is doing it with me so that helps keep me motivated. A bit of friendly competition.