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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Rae Rae, 24 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    Hi everyone, I've been following Sw online for the last 16 weeks. My membership is now due to expire and thinking about going to a group. I've never been to one and never thought I would as it's not my 'thing'. I cancelled my membership last night so going to give group a go.

    My question is....do you find it beneficial? What things do you talk about? How long does it last?

    Thanks in advance,

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  3. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    I love my group. We talk about all sorts. She normally has a raffle that she talks about the prize, I.e ingredients to make sw chips. She will go round the group saying how much they have lost that week in total and helping then with anything. All sorts of things come up from how to peel a butternut squash to how to cope when you are eating out. It's a social occasion now for me.
  4. beslim2014

    beslim2014 Full Member

    Have to agree with the above post. Going to group I think helps massively, the group leader plays a huge part in your weight loss and I have to say the group I attend the leader is fantastic. You get lots of useful ideas and information from group.
  5. sammi.alice

    sammi.alice Member

    I used to love my group, really nice bunch of ladies and my leader was really helpful and would treat everyone personally - you could get upset or be over the moon and people would understand. I would get texts from her, esp if she new i was having a bad week and she was always helping with tips and recipes.

    Since Nov my old leader left my group has been taken over temporarily by someone else. I don’t like her technique, she is a lot less personal and I feel rushed when it’s 'my turn' to talk and it’s almost like she doesn’t listen to anyone - she also sends out group emails to my group and the other two groups she runs which say how well her main groups are doing but nothing about ours. Also since Jan the group and tripled in size (used to be 10-12 who stayed, now over 40!) - so something that used to take 1-1 1/2 hours now takes about 2 1/2! now I go and get weighed and leave.

    I don’t want to put you off at all, group is fantastic and if you are feeling crap it can defo keep you motivated, but I just wanted to give you my honest opinion. Im sure when the new group leader starts she'll be lovely, and if not i'll find another group locally as there always seems to be alot around. If you join one and don’t like it you can always try another group somewhere else.
  6. sazzlepants86

    sazzlepants86 Member

    My group has a new consultant and there was a lot of joiners at New Year, so our meetings are currently taken up by going through losses. However, i've been at other classes and it's usually talking about recipes and what's good. You also find out from people where foods are on offer which is useful! x
  7. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    Thanks guys, that's very helpful and like the 'honest' approach. That's what I was after :) I will give it a whirl and see how I get on xx
  8. Jolly81

    Jolly81 Full Member

    Just wanted to add that groups within your area may all vary significantly too, so if you don't get on at one it may be worth trying another (if there is one).

    Months ago I went to a group down the road and I just couldn't stand the guy that ran it, so I gave up and joined online but found I didn't have the motivation I need.

    Now I've rejoined a group I went to 8 years ago (although feels like a new group because the consultant doesn't remember me) and I love her and I feel so so motivated and I know I can keep this up.

  9. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    That's great jolly. Suppose it's all about trial and error.

    Keep at it xx
  10. Mummyshelleycat

    Mummyshelleycat Full Member

    I currently don't go to group and really miss it but there's just not got enough time to go :(
  11. Janey2014

    Janey2014 Full Member

    Agree with the people that have said try other groups if you don't like the one you try at first. I'm at my third group now in my area and can honestly say it's brilliant, the consultant is really motivating, helpful and friendly, which is how it should be!
  12. MrsTinaV

    MrsTinaV Loving Married Life

    At our group we sit in a horseshoe shape, chat whilst everyone weighs, then she gives out awards, goes round everyone saying what they lost or a "gain" but never the amount of the gain, general talk about different things we've discovered and then slimmer of the week where that person wins the bag of fruit/vege that everyone puts in too.

    i love group, I have only been at this one for 2 WI's so far but I love it and won't miss it unless I really really have to.

    getting the awards help, I have my 1st half stone award and slimmer of the week in these two weeks along with the cards that say the same thing which are on my jewellery box.

    i do go with 3/4 others though, but I like to get away from them and chat to others (nothing against them but I want to get to know people and swap tips).

    also buying the hifi bars and magazines are really helpful too.
  13. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it. Good luck to you all xx
  14. smackiejackie

    smackiejackie Member

    I am trying it on my own this time. Went to a group 3 times. First was brilliant ,lost a few stone and LEFT :( When I went back, I didn't like the leader so went to another class and found her exactly the same. Weigh in, goes over everyone loss's or gains and by that time the hr. and a half is up so you go. No interaction at all and I thought a waste of money as I wasn't motivated. I wish they had a few words of the biggest losers and go on to other topics. Just my few pence worth.
  15. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    Thanks Jackie. Will give it a go as never been to one b4 and see how I get on.

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