Grr Weekends


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Oh yes I hear you !!! I have just been keeping very busy to stop me opening the wine .


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Yes definately, as soon as friday evening hits all i can think about is red wine!! lol


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Me as well I am really good all week and then spoil it on the weekend, then moan when I don't lose any weight
Jayne x


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Ha ha glad it's not just me! I work every other weekend so it might be a midweek night but all I see is wine bottles and a corkscrew! Have been good enough to myself to stick to the vodka lol. I'm trying to make it just 1 day a week where it may or may not end up a flexi day and it seems to be working so far!



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I'm completely the opposite!!! Being at home and doing stuff with OH keeps me on track. During the week, it's FAR to easy to try and stave off the work stresses with a short walk to the vending machine for instant gratification, then hours of guilt!!!


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Yup, i'm with you hun. Fine during the week and I do stay on plan at weekends but they are soo much harder. Im in a right mood today and i really want lots of chocolate and crisps lol.


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me too. Sat/Sun eves are for lazing in front of the telly with a big bar of choccy...oops? But at work, and keeping busy, means I can be really good. I'm hoping that the big long walk in the park today will have made a difference though!


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i have a treat after weigh in on Thursday night and then it's out of my system, i can then keep on track over the weekend! xxx


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I know that feeling only too well, i am really good all week - work does really help, then the weekend comes and all my good intentions go out of the window. I find i hard to stay on the plan Sat and Sundays..


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I save up most of my syns in the week to use on the weekend :)


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The weekends are my biggest downfall! I always have to make sure i have low syn snacks here so i don't feel deprived. I have 3 nights out coming too over the next 3 Saturdays... help!!