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Had my WI on Monday and am being weighed again this Friday as I am changing WI days.... but yesterday I was starving hungry but managed to stay 100% (I am on SS+), but got on the scales this morning and put on a tiny amount. Since Monday I have lost 0.4lb, how can this be when I have been 100%.... am going to be really disappointed at WI tomorrow and probably convince myself WW will be better because at least I lost 2lb a week there....
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Remember daily weighs aren't your "true" weight as there are so many fluctuating factors. If it sets the tone for your day/mood would it not be better to put away the scales at home and just focus on your CD weigh in?
I have always weighed myself every day, I dont let it affect my mood normally, it is just my overall loss from Monday that I am upset about and the fact that I am being weighed tomorrow and I have lost less than 1/2lb. I have also had a pain in my chest, left arm and radiating up to my neck for the past day too and felt very light headed, like I am on a different planet.... when I breathe deeply it really hurts in my chest through to my back.


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That sounds like gall stones, chick but it also sound like heart trouble :( Have you checked it out, you will worry me, let alone you.......do you wanna chat, loves?
Im happy to give you my number, my fellow crafting buddy xx
I wondered if it was indigestion or whether I had pulled a muscle.... I will leave it until tomorrow and if it still hurts will see the doctor...... have never had a problem with my heart....


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well shooting pains in your arm, espesh your left arm is an indication of heart trouble (Im so sorry if I am scaring you). I could be wrong .... I WANT TO BE WRONG. I can't pin point gall stone symptoms but please take it easy today and give yourself a lovely shake, sip it slowly (you tried the mint choc ones - god they are LUSH) and have a snooze if you have no littlies around you x


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Please take it easy and go and see a doc if you aren't feeling any better. Its probably nothing but its best to be safe.


please try again
i think you need to get seen now hun

a friends mum had mild pains so waited to go see the gp to be told she had infact had a heart attack, shes fine now and i dont want to scare you but it needs checking
I hope you are ok Linda! Please let us know how you are when you can. Like everyone has said, the symptoms you describe are a bit worrying!


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loves ya, sweety....have you been to the quacks yet?
I cannot go anywhere at the moment as I am waiting in for the tumble dryer engineer and have been since this morning.... why can they not tell you when they are coming. Have now had to organise for someone to pick up the children as its sod's law he will turn up whilst I am out. I could have done with a few hours extra in bed today aswell....

I will definately go tomorrow if it doesn't go as daughter is also nagging me!! I am also seeing my CDC tomorrow too....


Slowly but surely x
Good on you, kid. Listen Linda, if you need a chat - please give us a tinkle. I want to be there for you and we cant let the stampin up demo's suffer! espesh those that love their Cherry Cobbler ink like I do!
Oooooh Cherry Cobbler, my fave along with Baja Breeze.... can I eat the Cherry one please..... ha ha, wonder how many carbs they contain!!


Slowly but surely x
are you off to convention this weekend?

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