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Grrrrrrrr at my 8 year old!


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I am going to be on my own this evening as my boy is off to his dads for the night. Due my AF in next couple of days so been in a mega munching mood but I am desperate to stick to plan this week. So I decided I would try make myself a little indulgent snack from some inspiration on here of course.

I made some Quark and White Chocolate options (2 sachets so 4 syns for the whole tub) then put a generous mountain of it onto a caramel snack-a-jak (2.5 syns) I'm going to estimate it at about 4 syns a portion as it was less then half the Quark.

In walks my DS from school just as I am enjoying my treat and wants a taste ... well damn it all he likes it!! Now I have to share :cry:

All joking aside I am blessed with a child that will actually try anything and loves veggies etc so I am not really complaining!

Do any of you have those "hey .. thats mine!" moments with your family and your treats?
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lol no never i live with my parents who happen to have bad eating habbits my mum more so than my dad. She is the world biggest chocoholic and whenever i make any slimming food my dad will try it and says it tastes nice. However my mum says she doesnt like it and would rather have proper chips than SW ones lol
Btw what is quark people keep mentioning it and i dont have a clue what it is, and oh my your sweet treat sounds so yummy :D


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i have these moments all the time, the kids can eat any kind of crips they like but no, they like my low fat ones. what makes me really mad if i say ok, i'll just buy the low fat ones for everyone-then they want the ordinary ones ggrrrrr....


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I had one of these moments this morning with mhy 9 year old, Samantha. We were making lunches for school/work. I was about to make cottage cheese with King Prawns and Paprike and salad and she decided she wanted the same for pack lunch!! It seriously reduced my portion as there wasn't much left :(, however, I shared :):) lol


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Yes i totally know how you feel. only the other week i cooked the creamy bbq chicken and as i was dishing up the oh comes in from his mothers and says that smells nice, he tries it and walks off with my bowl!!!!!! leaving me to make another bowl full for me lol

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Lol slightly embarrassed to say the phrase 'you cant as its got nuts in:whistle:' is used in our house. Although at 6 she is cottoning on now.
Then again we are also the household that says when the ice cream man plays his music it means he has run out!!!:icecream:


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LOL! That tale about the ice cream man was used on me as a nipper as well!!!

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lol did it work, from your profile pic they shud have done something with the pub too lol;)

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