grumpy !!


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Tough day today in work. Couldn't get to sleep last night. I was absolutely wired. We had been to the cinema and even though I enjoyed the film it made me think about alot of things in my own life. Work life balance. What I value etc. Anyway I ended up taking half a sleeping tablet at 3am this morning and you guessed it slept it out this morning.
Normally I leave the house at 6.50 and Dh drops the boys to the creche. This morning he left the house at 8 with the boys and 'thought' he heard me getting up.

I woke up at an incredible 9.30 (latest I can be in work on flexi time is 10) I strolled into work at 10.40 :eek: - I am begining to think they will think I am an alcoholic.

Anyway the day continued in the same vein. :mad:

Am grumpy, constipated and feel huge............
but am even more determined to stick with the diet. Will go to bed early tonight


I was just wondering how you were getting on as I think we started on the same day. Your first weight loss was brill:D . I must admit it is a struggle at times but the weight loss keeps me going. I wish I had started lipotrim in the summer as there are too many temptations on the run up to Xmas. As for the M&S food advert, its a killer!
Wish I could offer you a cure for your constipation but Im in the same boat.
Well, off to bed now as Ive just finished a night shift. Im sure to dream about food, lol!
Take care
Jackie x
Thanks I got fibre clear last week but I deffo wasn't using it enough. Pharmacist said to take it morning and night. He gave me a microlax to use and have to say I am a lot happier now !