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Guess who's back...


Not sure if anyone remembers me, I started induction in the summer and moved over to exante.

I did have every intention of going back to exante but the thought of another milkshake is KILLING me! So as of tomorrow morning I shall be back on atkins induction to lose the remaining 50lbs.

A quick question from anyone who has switched over, can I expect a gain switching from a vlcd to atkins and does anyone know how to minimins that gain?
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addicted to minimins
Well, I haven't done the other diet you mentioned but I have done Atkins, and every time it's taken me a couple of weeks to start losing weight. I suppose since you're switching from one diet to another (are you switching? Or have you been off-diet and are now going onto Atkins?), there could be a bit of a weight gain, but I would expect it to come off eventually. :)

Good luck and welcome back! (I don't remember you because I've only been here for like... a week. :p)
I have been on and off to tell the truth, but I deffo did have a bit of carb lovin' this evening so who knows!

I will just have to keep off of the cream etc until I am stable from vlcd'ing!

I am very happy to be back, even happier to be back with only 50lb to lose as opposed to 140!
I remember you!

Good luck on that last 50 pounds - you can do it!!!


Never give up
Wow, you've done so well Jools - I remember you had a really rocky time on Atkins before you left - just when I was joining!

I went straight from LT to Atkins and didn't gain at all - although at the start I was eating tiny portions - less than half what I get through now, LOL!

Good luck for this time - it's so much easier than a VLCD isn't it?

Oh, what ever happened to that guy who spent a whole evening in your company texting another woman? Bet he's sorry now! ;)


Clean green leafy machine
Welcome back Jools, good to see you!
That boy is no more! We are still friends but I found out the girl he was txting was HIS FIANCE!!!

I am sworn off men now until my knight in shining armour comes along.

I am enjoying being back on atkins, although I admit I am possibly here for a short time as I am hoping to use induction to get back into ketosis and back onto shakes eventually, but if my losses are good and I feel happy I will stay on induction if that makes sense? I just want to be a size 12 now is that too much to ask lol

well done on getting to target though waterworks!!! xx


Never give up
I think you're totally mad Jools - if I was doing it again I'd go Atkins all the way, and never ever have gone on the shakes! ;)

Each to their own though. :D
I am mad..I know this!!
Like I said though, I will see how I feel. I have always said I will lose my last 20lbs on atkins though and atkins will be my choice for life. I just get awfully impatient


Never give up
Don't - my OH started Atkins after I started my VLCD, and has now lost just as much as I did on it! Salutary tale there!
I will bear that in mind!! Like I said, I shall see how I get on in these 2 weeks

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